ThunderlinkTM Receiver

ETERNATM power receiver (Rx module) is the smallest wireless charging receiver available. We call it Thunderlink.

The Thunderlink receiver module, integrated into the device, combines electronic circuitry and a proprietary RF pickup element. This enables efficient reception of the RF signal resonated by the NESTTM transmitter, and its conversion back to DC voltage. The Thunderlink can be integrated in a variety of form factors, from discrete design to ASIC and supports rapid integration into the smallest of electronic devices.

Goodbye USB Port, Hello Wireless Power

  • Size Matters!

    Thunderlink receiver is the smallest wireless charging receiver available. It features miniaturized circuitry with an incredibly small antenna that enables easy OEM integration. The Thunderlink is able to fit the smallest of electronic devices, without the need for industrial redesign.

  • Quick Integration

    Able to integrate with any charger IC or PMIC and any type of battery

  • Affordable for Everyone

    The ability to integrate with any device’s PMIC or Charger IC, reduces substantially the need for system modification and component replacement efforts. Turning ETERNA wireless charging platform into an affordable engineering effort that can become available to anyone.