Wireless Charging Solution for Wearable Consumer & Fitness Electronic Devices

Charging Without Even Noticing

Wearable consumer electronic devices are quickly becoming mainstream. Making devices more compact, smart, comfortable and wireless than before. Eterna™ wireless charging platform completes the picture by eliminating the need for a USB port in those small devices and making the charging experience simple, smart, comfortable, easy, or in other words, wireless.

Wireless Charging Solution for Healthcare Electronic Devices

Charging the Confidence of Our Users

We are big believers in wearable medical healthcare devices. Understanding the need for users to be able to care for themselves from their homes. So to make sure this becomes a reality we created a wireless charging solution that can integrate into the smallest of wearable medical devices without the hassle of dealing with cords. This gives any user the ability to charge his device, from young to old, it’s as easy as placing a device in a bowl.

Wireless Charging Solution for Enterprise/Professional Markets

Seamlessly Charging You at Work

With technological innovation spreading to the world of computing electronic devices, professional markets are becoming more efficient and productive. Giving way to hands-free computing devices that are more compact and convenient for the worker to operate and small electronic devices that allow for better tracking capability. With the integration of higher-end computing devices into the work environment, a simple charging solution is necessary to promise battery life, provide a sealed waterproof device and prevent the wear and tear of the device through its USB port. Eterna™ wireless charging platform provides an efficient wireless charging solution by allowing any worker to simply drop his device in a bowl to charge- no cables, no hassle and charging assured.