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A Head-Mounted Display (HMD) is a display that is worn on the head as part of a headset such as a harness or helmet. It often consists of a display, a camera and other various sensors to provide productive real-time assistance. The HMD is one of the more lucrative upcoming wearables for the enterprise world. With the ability to provide workers with real-time data, visual aids and hands-free support.

The HMD possesses a small optic display in front of either one or both eyes that aids the user by providing additional functions. Some HMD provide augmented reality features such as displaying projected images or videos and 3D imaging on the existing reality, others have recording capabilities, and still others may provide eye-tracking or movement-tracking features.  The HMD could also be potentially operated and controlled by a wearable keyboard or voice commands.   wireless charging for Head Mount Display

The varying Head-Mounted Displays are assimilated and optimized to become most beneficial to their target industry with different functions to increase productivity. Some may utilize it as a tool for data and statistical analysis of different performance parameters. Others may prefer to use it as a tool for training and simulation with the ability to stream data and provide real-time procedure training. In general, Head-Mounted Displays are often oriented to allow for a safe and productive, hands-free user experience.

Examples of sectors that may benefit from the features the HMD supplies are military, police and firefighter professions who use the wearable to provide tactical information such as maps, data streaming, thermal imaging, blueprints and the like. Another profession may be engineers or scientists who may highly benefit by using the instrument for CAD schematics. Other relevant applications could be found in the industrial, medical (e.g. surgery), aviation, gaming, entertainment and many more industries.

Our Wireless Charging Solution for HMD

The design and usability is critical to HMD adoption in the enterprise world. The HMD is often worn for hours on time and must be comfortable for users in order to promise effective utilization of the device. Understanding that inseparable part of the user experience is the charging experience, it is critical that workers have a seamless and simple charging experience. A charging experience that doesn’t involve plugging in their Head-Mounted Displays awkwardly with a cable or searching for an outlet. With the appreciation that the integration of such invaluable devices will change the face of the enterprise world, we created a seamless wireless charging solution to make it practical.

With ETERNA wireless charging technology, manufacturers can create a wireless charging industrial solution that fits the simultaneous charging of multiple industry Head-Mounted Displays. ETERNA wireless charging solution is a minimal size solution that gives users the ability to comfortably charge by providing a ‘drop & charge’ experience. This allows workers to drop the HMD in a drawer at the end of the shift and be confident that tomorrow morning they will have a full battery for a new day.

If you are a Head-Mounted Display OEM and interested in integrating wireless charging into your device in order to provide workers with an easy, seamless and hands-free user experience, please feel free to contact us.

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