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Wireless headphones and earbuds save you the tangled mess of dealing with cords. They’re convenient for many situations, whether in the gym, at home or on the bus. They provide the ultimate experience for the music lovers who want to feel true freedom when they’re working out or just relaxing. The ability to experience freedom from wires, upgrade the music experience substantially.Wireless charging for headphones

Wireless Charging Solution for Wireless Headphones/Headsets & Earbuds

It is therefore most natural that a wireless device should be coupled with a wireless charging solution to provide you with the complete cable-free experience.  By having manufacturers integrate wireless charging into headphones and earbuds, you can charge without even noticing. Whether on-the-go or simply by dropping the headphones/earbuds into a box. This way, you can truly count of your headphones/earbuds working when you need them.

Headphones and earbuds come in different sizes and variations. Ultra compact and lightweight earbuds are the most portable of all headphones and are placed inside the canal for a better hearing experience. Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging platform has the ability to integrate into the smallest of devices, meaning that regardless of the small size of the earbuds, Humavox can enable wireless charging within the earbud with its miniature wireless charging receiver.

Benefits of Wireless Charging for Headphones/Earbuds/Headsets

This allows for many new possibilities in the world of the wireless headphones/earbuds/headsets. For example with wireless charging the device can become waterproof by eliminating its ports so you can listen to music even underwater.

In a more futuristic point of view, Earbuds are evolving to potentially include sensors that will assist in fitness-monitoring. Various companies are attempting the endeavor to incorporate sensors that will measure your pulse, your steps and oxygen level. The earbuds would then transmit raw data to the smartphone for analysis. It is therefore evident that the future holds great things for wireless headphones and wireless earbuds, however to make it all a reality, manufacturers must make sure these devices are easily and effectively powered.

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