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Wearable devices is a constantly evolving category of devices in the enterprise world to provide workers with the ability to simply and efficiently collect data and synchronize it with a main server or database.  These devices are worn and controlled by the user and provide constant accessibility to information as well as ability to execute commands. Data can be processed to provide different information such as the status of internal inventory or outgoing assets, location, statistical analysis, classification, customer profiling, status of running programs, history retrieval, documentation and the like. This information is a great asset to a company searching to maximize their work efforts, keep track and classify ongoing data, save time and minimize cost with better productivity.Wireless Charging for Wearable Mobile Computing Device

The enterprise applications for such devices are extensive, whether it be manufacturing, retail, delivery and logistics, healthcare, construction, real estate, public safety and so on. Each wearable device will take a different form in different segments but will ultimately be oriented to provide a mobile, quick and efficient user experience.

Wireless Charging that Fits Every Wearable Device at Work

Regardless of the application, in order for wearable devices to be properly adopted they must fit the workers using them. In general, such devices should be as simple as possible to allow any user or worker to simply operate the device. Wearable devices at the workplace are therefore becoming smaller, more comfortable and easier to operate. The advancements in this product category, will allow the company to better keep track their assets and data, while enabling workers to more effectively and easily conduct their tasks.

Also key to implementation is the user experience with the device. It is crucial that wearable devices for business use will be fully functioning when needed. Moreover, in order to assure the charging of the device, workers must have a convenient charging solution they will be willing to do on a daily basis. Switching batteries or using a cord are both very frustrating tasks that are impractical in the work environment and could potentially influence productivity.

ETERNA Wireless Charging for Wearable Devices at Work

For these exact scenarios, ETERNA wireless charging solution was created. ETERNA wireless charging platform is a minimal-size solution that was meant to alleviate the preoccupation with battery life within the professional market. Giving workers the ability to comfortably and easily charge by providing a ‘drop & charge’ experience. Meaning, workers simply drop the device into a drawer (or any other containing object) at the end of the day and charging will begin. This prevents the need to constantly worry about replacing the battery, the impractical logistic hassle of USB cords or fear that the device will suddenly run out of battery in the middle of a work day.

If you are a wearable device manufacturer and interested in integrating wireless charging into your device in order to provide workers with an easy and natural charging experience, please feel free to contact us.

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