Wireless Charging for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality/Smart Glasses

Wirelessly charging the gateway to a new world!

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Both virtual reality and augmented reality glasses immerse users in a different sensory experience that alters the world they know. While virtual reality (VR) fabricates a completely different world, augmented reality (AR) blends between the real and virtual, often enhancing the features of the real world.

Virtual Reality- a Taste of Imagination:

Virtual reality glasses are undoubtedly an immersive experience that gives users the rare opportunity to step into a different, almost parallel world. VR glasses have the ability to track user head movements in a three dimensional world and display imagery quality difficult to fathom. Virtual reality glasses will revolutionize the gaming and movie industries, giving users an unprecedented sensory experience. This experience will in turn have the opportunity to blend into other industries even the medical world by treatment of psychological illnesses for example.

Many VR companies are investing resources to assure an extraordinary experience that is paired with a comfortable wearable headset design. Understanding that the look and feel of such devices are an inseparable part of user engagement.

Augmented Reality/Smart Glasses:

To those willing to take on an adventure, AR glasses or smart glasses will enhance user experience by providing the ability to browse the web, record, use GPS & listen to music along with other groundbreaking features. All this, by simply looking straight, into your glasses.

AR/Smart glasses are an innovative new wearable device that can provide different features to enhance normal, daily experiences. AR glasses will provide users with live information during daily activities, project high resolution images and potentially enable 3D object manipulation.

Some provide bio-sensing technology that can detect eye and body movements to track and alert you on safety; others possess an HD camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter, thermometer, GPS receiver and other nifty features. With smart glasses before your eyes, you have access to a new world of information and innovation, layered on your existing reality.

The different augmented/smart glasses come in various forms and styles. Some prefer a more fashionable statement, while others attempt to become indistinguishable to regular eyewear.Wireless charging for smart glasses


Wireless Charging for AR and VR glasses

Regardless of the exterior design of AR or VR glasses, charging is a cumbersome issue that hinders the look and feel of any type of eyewear. So much innovation connected to a wire or weighed down by a battery seems impractical.

Now imagine all these features coupled with a wireless charging solution that gives the user the freedom to drop the glasses in a Humavox-enabled station and begin to charge. With Humavox’s ETERNA platform, there is no need to awkwardly attempt to plug the smart glasses into an outlet. ETERNA wireless charging solution is a minima- size solution that gives users the ability to comfortably charge without the hassle of dealing with cords, rather by simple providing a ‘drop & charge’ experience.

With ETERNA wireless charging technology, Smart glass manufacturers can create a wireless charging case fit to the exact shape and elements of their device. This allows the user, to charge their smart glasses without even noticing, by simply dropping them in the case.

When time comes, smart glasses will have great impact in the medical, consumer and professional industries. Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging technology will make sure to accompany them in order to provide users with the most natural charging experience.

If you are a smart glass OEM and interested in integrating wireless charging into your device in order to provide consumers with an easy and natural charging experience, please feel free to contact us.



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