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Smart clothing, also known as e-textiles, is fabric designed specifically to track the different parameters of the wearer’s body state. Within the fabric of the clothing sensors or other digital/electronic components are embedded. Smart clothing is currently mostly orientated towards various fitness and healthcare applications but holds other futuristic prospects. Potentially the garment could react to the body vitals by regulating body temperature, reducing wind resistance and controlling muscle vibration. For example the smart clothing could release chilled water vapor when it senses the wearer is hot. Other functions could still be fathomed such as recording speech and activity, generating power from the wearer’s movement and the like. The projected ability of the smart clothing is to communicate, grow, transform and even conduct energy.

Today, different companies promote different smart clothing features, depending on their target audience and core technological capabilities. For example, certain smart clothing companies choose to target specific audiences such as runners by providing smart clothing that can alert a runner if they have become dehydrated or there exists an abnormality with their ECG readings.

Other companies focus on various technological sensing capabilities by providing measurements such as heart rate, temperature, breathing rate, calories burnt and an evaluation of workout intensity and movements. Some have Bluetooth capability compatible with a mobile smartphone to show the user progress, goal tracking and other nifty features. Still, other companies have even more innovative features such as moisture control, odor control and a compression feature that helps circulation and muscle recovery.Wireless charging for smart clothing

Benefits of Wireless Charging for Smart Clothing

Smart clothing has the ability to take many shapes and forms to a point that it undetected by the naked eye. It could be a machine-washable shirt, pants or even socks. The technology for smart clothes will most likely continue to evolve drastically in the next couple of years. Becoming further customized for each client base or professional use, for example, smart clothing for firefighters that could monitor oxygen or hazardous gas levels.

As seamless and unnoticeable as smart clothing is to the naked eye, such should be its charging experience. Wireless charging technology seems like a necessity when it comes to smart clothing; after all, wouldn’t it seem odd to plug in your socks or shirt to a wall charger?

Humavox’s Wireless Charging for Smart Clothing Companies

Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging platform is a minimal size solution with a tiny wireless charging receiver that allows for effective integration within the clothing fabric. This gives users the ability to comfortably charge smart clothing without the hassle of dealing with cords. Moreover, ETERNA supports the waterproof solution necessary with sensor technology by eliminating the need for a USB port altogether. The elimination of a USB ports prevents any possible malfunction of the device with unwanted water penetration, as well as allows the integration of additional underwater features.

If you are a smart clothing OEM and interested in integrating wireless charging into your smart clothing in order to provide consumers with an easy and natural charging experience, please feel free to contact us.

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