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Smart glasses in the enterprise world will revolutionize daily tasks and procedures as we know them. The functions provided by the smart glasses will depend on the industry of use and will be tailored to the varying needs of the different segments. Some examples of the enterprise settings where adoption is expected is in the manufacturing, field service, logistic, construction, retail, public safety and healthcare segments. They’re specifically expected to have great impact on heavy industries such as manufacturing and oil and gas, with the ability to provide training for workers in real-time.

Smart glasses have great potential as an information source that could provide on the spot instructions, illustrations, procedure displays, history retrieval, documentation, remote communication and task management. These fairly unappreciated spectacles will essentially act as a virtual assistant at the disposal of enterprise workers, revolutionizing and improving their working experience.

On the enterprise level, smart glasses will ultimately increase efficiency, industrial safety and productivity by allowing workers to effectively manage data, consult relevant experts, retrieve guidelines and quickly extract information. With smart glasses as a hands-free database-gateway, valuable time will be saved, translating directly into cost reduction and better use of man-power.

AR technology is also being integrated into smart helmets. These helmets have augmented reality capabilities that provide workers with important data they need in real time on top of the helmet display before their eyes.

In order to effectively translate this technology into the enterprise sphere, the user experience is a focal point to its success. Smart glass OEMs thus focus much of the development on the interface experience as well as the tactile experience of wearing and operating the device.

Understanding that inseparable part of the user experience is the charging experience, it is critical that workers don’t feel it at all- our belief of ‘charging without even noticing’. This involves making charging seamless and simple so workers do not struggle with plugging in their devices or searching for batteries. With the appreciation that the integration of such invaluable devices will change the face of the enterprise world, we created a seamless wireless charging solution to make it practical.

ETERNA Wireless Charging for Professional Smart Glasses

With ETERNA wireless charging technology, smart glass manufacturers can create a wireless charging industrial solution that fits the simultaneous charging of multiple industry smart glasses. ETERNA wireless charging solution is a minimal size solution that gives users the ability to comfortably charge by providing a ‘drop & charge’ experience. This allows workers to drop the glasses in a drawer at the end of the day and be confident that tomorrow morning they will have a full battery for a new day. With Humavox’s ETERNA platform, there is no need for workers to awkwardly attempt or struggle to plug smart glasses into an outlet

If you are a smart/AR glass OEM and interested in integrating wireless charging into your device in order to provide workers with an easy, seamless and hands-free user experience, please feel free to contact us.

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