Wireless Charging for Physiological Sensing Patch and Wearable Sensors

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Wearable sensor patches could be used for different purposes to monitor different physiological measurements. Parameters typically measured are temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and the like. This gives individuals a better ability to assess their medical status at all times and provides insights regarding their vital functions and what is needed to achieve an optimal health status.

These physiological sensing patches could revolutionize the healthcare world by alerting physicians if their patient is undergoing life-threatening changes. Patients can also receive the necessary long-term monitoring for a relevant diagnostic procedure or the tracking status of their recovery period.

Such sensors are integrated into different types of wearables, whether it be clothing textiles, customized patches or even band aids. However, to truly achieve a non-invasive approach to monitoring health, wireless medical sensors must be lightweight and small. The miniaturization of the sensing patch is critical in order for the device to become wearable as well as to achieve a comfortable user experience. Much of the adoption of such devices lie in their ability to track and monitor continuously everyday activities in an unobtrusive manner.

Wireless Charging Solution for Small Wearable Devices

To create a truly miniature sensing solution it would be most appropriate to take out the battery altogether and supply a seamless wireless charging solution. Humavox’s tiny receiver can integrate into the smallest of devices, allowing easy implementation within wearable patch.

Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging platform allows OEMs to easily and effectively integrate wireless charging into the different sensor applications. This would provide the user with a drop and charge experience, so that all that is necessary to charge is to simply drop the device in a customized charging station, without the need for cables or unnecessary hassle. It would otherwise be awkward to attempt to charge a patch or a piece of clothing with a physical cable and impractical for manufacturers to be limited by the cumbersome size of an actual replaceable battery. Furthermore a wireless charging solution would provide the waterproof seal many OEMs attempt to attain with their physiological sensor technology.

If you are an OEM involved in the development of a physiological sensing patch and wearable sensors and interested in integrating wireless charging into your technology in order to provide consumers with an easy, seamless and comfortable charging experience, please feel free to contact us.

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