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Many businesses and enterprises deliver valuable cargo worldwide with assets that are overseas for what could be long periods of time. GPS labels or container and shipment tracking devices have the ability monitor the location of the assets at any given time and assure cargo security along the delivery route.

In the shipment tracking arena, sensor-based monitoring devices are a fairly new technology that use sophisticated sensors to detect important indicators such as location, humidity, light, temperature and barometric pressure. This monitoring technology continues to evolve and advance rapidly with many different innovations and application. Some trackers are oriented toward IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities with the ability to communicate with other devices for more effective conduct. For example, by providing the location of the cargo, parking could automatically be arranged for the shipment. Temperature monitoring is another important capability, designed to alert when the temperature is not in the correct range. This is especially important for the Chilled goods industry and Pharmaceutics. As for the ability to sense light, an important security feature that allows for the detection if the shipment was opened prior to delivery.Wireless charging for GPS tracker

These advancements will ultimately allow for better tracking, inventory management and assuring the security of the cargo at all times. The ability to receive real-time status information as to the assets and the cargo could ultimately improve productivity and assure a better bottom line.

These shipment GPS labels, GPS tags and container/ shipment tracking and monitoring devices are small in size due to their unobtrusive nature.  As these devices advance, they will become more prevalent for tracking purposes and will require an easy charging solution.

Wireless Charging for Your Container Tracker

ETERNA wireless charging platform is a minimal-size solution that was meant to alleviate the preoccupation with battery life within the professional market. Giving workers the ability to comfortably and easily charge by providing a ‘drop & charge’ experience. Meaning, workers simply drop the GPS labels, GPS tags and container/shipment tracking and monitoring devices into a drawer (or any other containing object) at the end of the day and charging will begin. This prevents the need to constantly worry about replacing the battery, the impractical logistic hassle of USB cords and enables the creation of a durable waterproof tracker by completely eliminating the USB port.

If you are a GPS labels, GPS tags and container/ shipment tracking and monitoring devices OEM and interested in integrating wireless charging into your device in order to provide workers with an easy and natural charging experience, please feel free to contact us.

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