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Wireless Power Technology

Wireless Power Platform Technology

A flexible and versatile platform that provides access for products, devices and other technologies that wish to adopt and integrate Humavox® wireless power technology.

Its sole purpose is to allow easy and quick pathway for manufacturers to adopt and integrate the innovative technology in a quick, easy and cost effective form, without having to make formative changes in their existing architecture, design and components.

To integrate ETERNA™ into your product you simply need to choose a THUNDERLINK™ integration option and customize a NEST™ Power Station into your design. We can then provide you with the application note, or even manufacture the charging station for you.

Wireless charging of tiny devices

Supports fast-charging mode

Multiple device charging simultaneously

Full spatial freedom (X,Y,Z) of the device under charge


Wireless power by Humavox is set to provide a fluent user experience with electronic devices by dismissing usability constraints and mitigating engineering efforts for product designers who wish to adopt wireless charging enablement.

Humavox utilizes radio frequencies (RF) to wirelessly charge electronic devices.
The technology developed by Humavox forms a system by which radio frequencies are transmitted, picked up and converted into DC voltage in a highly efficient form.
Due to RF characteristics as an energy source and Humavox technology utilization of it, both device users and manufacturers get to benefit from inhibition-free charging experience:

The technology was shaped into ETERNA™ – a highly accessible platform allowing any product designer of any size (from startup to corporate), to easily integrate intuitive wireless charging experience and have it matched to their brand identity, look and feel, while controlling manufacturing cost.

Consumers / Users

  • Full spatial freedom (X,Y,Z) of the device under charge
  • Multiple device charging simultaneously
  • Wireless charging of tiny devices
  • Agnostic to device shape – tight coupling is not required
  • Intuitive charging experience
  • Supports fast-charging mode

Product Designers

  • Applicable for tiny devices
  • Rapid integration w/ device PMIC or Charger Chip
  • Small to fit the tiniest of devices
  • Tiny and flexible pickup element
  • Control manufacturing cost
  • Design-Free technology – Keep your brand identity, look and feel when re-designing charging UX
  • High wireless power transfer efficiency
  • Supports all commercially available battery cells (NiMH, Li-ION, Etc.)
  • Smart Energy O/S


This is the physical case for the charging station. You can choose the shape and size. We can manufacture it for you, or we can pass the application note onto you.

wireless charger

  • NEST™

NEST™ unifies device storing and charging into one intuitive action

We believe wireless charging should be accessible for EVERYONE, from children to elders. It should be applicable for all electronic devices and function seamlessly.

From healthcare devices used by physicians at clinics or by patients at home, through an endless array of consumer electronic devices, wearable electronics and internet of all things (IOT) devices, to defense and combat applications, we store our electronic devices and accessories in cases, boxes, compartments, and all sorts of storing solutions.

By studying this usability pattern and current charging constraints, we created intuitive and effortless wireless charging. As easy as dropping a coin into a box.

With NEST your all time favorite devices are always charged and ready to go.

wireless charging devices
wireless chargers

Endless possibilities with Design-Free concept

With NEST, product designers can now incorporate constraint-free wireless charging when designing cases, boxes and compartments for new and exciting devices, and enhance its functionality by dismissing power concerns for users.

NEST is a design-free technology that can be customized, adjusted and incorporated into nearly any containing volume, of any shape and size. With NEST, brands and products get to maintain their identity, look, feel, and control manufacturing cost while integrating effortless and constrain-free wireless charging experience.

NEST is agnostic to devices size and shape. It will charge any device evenly. So whether it’s tiny, big, complexly shaped, or conservatively designed, NEST is a fit, that fits any device.

As easy as dropping a coin in a box

NEST will wirelessly charge any ETERNA™ enabled device placed in it by transmitting radio waves (RF) energy precisely to it, without inducing or propagating unnecessary energy.

Humavox® ThunderLink™ enabler installed in the device receives the transmitted waves and efficiently converts it into DC voltage. From there on, it functions like a virtual power cord, supplying charge to the device’s battery cell – cords free.
NEST wirelessly powers devices simultaneously regardless of placement position, orientation and proximity from each other. Users just drop their device in their NEST enabled case.

NEST power output covers a vast spectrum of devices in a single charging system. Ultra low to high power consuming devices, from single to hundreds of milliamperes, can receive optimized charge. Wireless energy transmission is done over a broad range of frequencies, from low MHz to high GHz so the technology is highly adaptive for any need.

ETERNA™ Smart Power Operating System (SPOS) is installed in any NEST core to oversee the charging process and manage the energy transmission when one or many devices inside NEST are power-pending. It perfects the charging process in real-time, assuring ultra high wireless power transfer efficiency. Energy is created directly over dynamically changing charging points inside NEST, and halts as soon as the device is fully charged.

wireless charging stations
charging station

The freedom to operate

NEST is here to dismiss wires from our lives and enable power where we need it, when we need it – wirelessly! So we can finally enjoy fluent and consistent usability of all our electronic devices – just as those who designed it for us intended.