The Charging Experience

With the growing number of devices, charging has become a daily hassle that must be resolved with a simple, natural charging solution. But when thinking of what would be the most natural charging experience for users, we realized that it’s not unanimous, rather changes with different products and between different users.

Therefore an optimal and effective charging technology should be elastic enough so it can wear many shapes and forms, while fitting into endless types of devices and products. That way – everyone can integrate it and everybody can use it!

With this guiding rule in mind, we built our technology from the ground up as a flexible hardware platform. We call it ETERNATM.

ETERNA Platform

ETERNA enables product designers to mimic the user’s existing usability patterns by integrating wireless charging into
nearly any containing object where users already instinctively drop their devices.
Making charging as easy as dropping a coin in a box.

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Drop & Charge

Throughout the development of our charging technology our main inspiration is the everyday user and the way they naturally use their electronic devices.
For them, we coined the term Intuitive Charging.

Intuitive Charging is our belief that electronic devices should recharge exactly where we place them, regardless of how we placed them.

Humavox Technology

ETERNA wireless charging platform utilizes near-field radio frequency (RF) resonance, combining active components and proprietary algorithms and applying it in a cavity with unique properties.

This results in the creation of a strong RF coupling path between the system’s transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) elements.
Enabling highly efficient wireless power transfer to the device under charge, regardless of its placement, position and orientation within the cavity

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we created a wireless charging technology that -


The Smallest of Electronic Devices

Humavox® technology can fit even the smallest devices, such as hearing aids, relieving users of the struggle of plugging-in those tiny devices.


No Design Rules

Humavox technology fits to the designer’s design of choice. Any charging station can be designed such that it is most intuitive and convenient for the user.



Giving the user a non-invasive charging experience by designing a charging station that fits to their daily routine, wherever they need it. Users can charge without even noticing. It can be as easy as placing a device in a bowl.

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ETERNA Platform