NESTTM Wireless Charging Station

ETERNATM power transmitter (Tx) is the three-dimensional design-free wireless charging station. We call it NEST. 

The NEST wireless charging station be a case, a bowl, a box or any other object in our life where we’re already accustomed to naturally place our electronic devices. With the ETERNA wireless charging platform technology, the wireless charging station has nearly no volumetric or geometric design constraints. This allows product designers to completely control and shape the user experience, charging functionality and interface, as well as the charging station’s size, look and feel.

Charging Without Even Noticing

  • You Design Your Wireless Charging Station

    The NEST charging station can be customized, adjusted and incorporated into nearly any containing volume, of any shape and size. Giving consumers the most convenient, customized charging station that fits their natural usability pattern, while allowing brands to keep their identity, look and feel.

  • Just Drop & It'll Charge

    Before bed or right before the shower, drop your device into a Humavox’s wireless charging station and charging begins!

  • Wireless Charging Station for Multiple Devices!

    The NEST wireless station powers a number of devices simultaneously regardless of placement position, orientation and proximity between the devices. Users just drop their device in their NEST-enabled case.

  • Affordable for Everyone

    Low electrical and mechanical BoM so that wireless charging can become available to anyone.