Wireless Charging FAQ

What is the ETERNATM Platform & how does it work?

The ETERNA Platform is Humavox’s proprietary wireless charging technology based on the utilization of radio frequency (RF) waves to wirelessly charge electronic devices. The platform is tangibly implemented through a transmitting (Tx) unit (freely designed charging station) and a small receiving (Rx) unit, integrated in the device of choice.

The platform was designed flexibly to support customization of the technology. Enabling manufacturers to integrate the Rx Unit into varying target devices, as well as providing a tailor-made design of the charging station to fit the user’s preferences and habits, while maintaining the designer’s design values.

Is the ETERNA platform safe?

Yes. The ETERNA platform abides by EMC standards for non-intentional devices, the most demanding of radiation requirements and is therefore deemed the safest possible wireless charging solution.

To which devices does the technology apply?

Humavox is currently oriented towards consumer electronics, wearables, medical devices and other professional applications. Providing a viable solution for:

  • Hearing-aids & hearing-aid like devices
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • Mobile computing devices in professional markets
  • Fitness bands and trackers
  • Smart watches, smart glasses and other wearables
  • Infotainment and gaming devices

Is Humavox's wireless charging technology efficient?

The ETERNA wireless charging platform shows better results than competing technologies both when reaching peak efficiency and on average. Due to the ‘freedom of placement’/’drop & charge’ characteristic of the ETERNA platform, the average efficiency is well above that of other wireless charging solutions. Meaning that regardless of how the device is placed, the technology’s ability to direct the energy to the pickup element alone, allows high efficient transfer.

Furthermore, the ETERNA platform constantly optimizes wireless charging through its ability to reach optimum coupling between the Tx and Rx units. This ensures high wireless power transfer efficiency during the charging process.

How does ETERNA platform differ from others?

In contrast to other RF and inductive counterparts, ETERNA’s flexible and small receiver can be integrated into the smallest of electronic devices, the receiver has a tiny pickup element, drastically small than other technologies. This enables integration in devices such as hearing aids, wearables and others, where competing technologies fail to give a viable solution.

Moreover, unlike other wireless charging technologies, ETERNA platform does not require precise placement or alignment of the receiver and transmitter for efficient wireless power transfer. With its RF technology and proprietary algorithm, the ETERNA platform provides users with a ‘drop & charge’ experience that most naturally fits the user’s instinctive habits, while providing efficient wireless power transfer.

How do you implement ETERNA?

  1. 1. Integration of the small receiver within the device. The ability to integrate with any device’s PMIC or Charger IC, reduces substantially the need for system modification and component replacement efforts.
  2. 2. Designing of charging station according to the manufacturer’s design of choice.
  3. 3. Optimization of the platform with a proprietary algorithm to optimize the energy transfer and provide efficient energy use according to the device’s characteristics.

Humavox provides full support in the integration process and through its partnerships with top-tier affiliate contractors continue to assist with mass production.