ETERNATM Real-time Charging Optimizer

ETERNA’s proprietary smart charging optimization system is installed in any NESTTM charging station to oversee the charging process . We call it Charging Optimizer.

All changes needed to perfect the charging process are managed by the Charging Optimizer in real-time. The Charging Optimizer manages the energy transmission when one or many devices inside the NEST are power-pending. Moreover, it assures high wireless power transfer efficiency by directing the energy outflow to the pickup element within the device, while preventing the waste of energy. By stopping the energy outflow as soon as the charging process is completed, the Charging Optimizer utilizes energy effectively.

Optimizing Your Charging Experience

  • Real-time Optimization!

    Optimizing energy transfer with constant real-time assessment and process control.

  • Our Communication Magic!

    ETERNA’s Charging Optimizer can communicate without communication components (e.g. blue tooth, BLE), reducing BoM cost and size dramatically.

  • Open Protocol

    Our system can integrate communication of other protocols (such as Qi or A4WP), supporting existing standards and acting as an extension to those protocols.