Is Wireless Charging Worth It?

December 24th, 2015

Every year our smartphones get smarter. But what about charging? We still seem to be using the same traditional methods we’ve been using for what seems to be eons. No more! Here’s why we believe that wireless charging is the way of the future.


Convenience in a Single ChargerTechnology tantrum

How many different types of smartphones and gadgets does your family own? Now think about how many different types of chargers each one of those requires. It’s very easy to find yourselves in a tangled mess of different cords. Even more, think about how often these chargers seem to wear, tear, and break. So how can we charge all of our devices at the same time, with minimum clutter or breakage? With wireless charging, there is no need to fumble around with multiple chargers or precise alignment of the device. You can charge ALL of your devices, conveniently and simultaneously! In addition, with a tiny wireless charging receiver module like Humavox’s Thunderlink, wireless charging can be implemented into the smallest of electronic devices in order to make wireless charging convenient for all.

Think about never having to fiddle around with cables or connectors.

Think about never having to fiddle around with cables or connectors. Imagine how far wireless charging can go. By 2020, the number of smart home devices will more than double. Now that’s a lot of power that will be required. With so many new healthcare, enterprise, and IoT devices being developed, all of these things require an easy way to keep them constantly running. From tiny hearing aids, to smart glasses and other smart devices to power our homes, we can’t be expected to keep using traditional chargers and electrical sockets to plug in everything. That’s where wireless charging comes in.


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Drop & ChargeHumavox Drop and Charge

Whether we’re at our desk working, or at home watching TV, we often use our phones for a few moments and then put it back down. When we’re driving, we often place our phones on the dashboard or in the cup holder. Wireless charging allows us to do this while conveniently charging your phone, without having to connect and disconnect the cord each time. With a design-free charging station like Humavox’s Nest, your charger could potentially be a case, a bowl, a box or any other object seamlessly integrated into our life, where we’re already accustomed to naturally placing our electronic devices. Imagine just being able to get inside your car and drop your phone in the cup holder and….voila! You’re charging without even noticing.


So back to the million dollar question: is wireless charging worth it?


Because in simplest terms, we all want a simpler solution when it comes to charging.

At Humavox, we believe that wireless charging is the future. That’s why we’ve created a wireless charging solution that seamlessly blends into your daily routine with a simple drop and charge.