Wireless Charging Technologies for Connected Cars

July 10th, 2014

Wireless Charging and Connected Cars 2014

Try to imagine this: your car has the features of your smartphone and adjusts itself to all your preferences with the help of advanced technology.

It might sound futuristic, but in the Wireless Charging and Connected Cars Conference, held in Amsterdam on June 24–25, 2014, this vision took shape and gave us a glimpse of the next decade.

The field of wireless charging is gaining momentum and developers are looking for ways to use wireless charging technology for variety of electronic devices, including cars.

Humavox wireless charging technology does not aim at electric cars. Still the recent developments get us closer to a world without (or with less) wires. Wireless charging can improve user not only for smartphone users but also for electric car drivers.

Wireless Charging for Race Cars

First, we are talking about wirelessly charging electric race cars using the electric charging points – not a bad start. But in just few years, we are talking about wireless charging pads integrated inside the roads of the racetrack. In other words, the car will be charged while moving along the road. If this cooperation works, charging electric cars while on the road with no efforts and no wasting money may be possible.