Wireless Charging Outside the Home

February 24th, 2015

While you’re out and about you might take pictures on your phone, check social media, look for updates on your apps, read the news and talk and text with friends. Meanwhile, all of these functions are wearing down your phone battery. As the day goes on you might become more and more worried that your phone will lose charge, which could have a variety of consequences. To compensate, many people carry around charging cables or battery cases to charge their devices on the go.

Now imagine if you never needed to carry a charger again. It may seem like a pipe dream, but this could become a reality sooner than you think. Once wireless charging becomes more mainstream, people will be able to “cut the cord” and have wireless charging technology available both in their homes as well as the public places and businesses that they frequent.


Here’s a list places where wireless charging could be built into the facilities:




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