Wireless Charging & IoT

February 11th, 2016

While connected homes and self-driving cars are very close to becoming a reality, IoT development still faces several challenges in order to reach its full potential. With the growing number of smart and small devices, charging has become a definite IoT barrier. That’s where wireless charging comes in! The future of the Internet of Things will be powered by wireless charging but before we tell you how let’s start at the beginning…


What is the Internet of Things?

IoT, in simplest terms is the connection and network of everyday objects through the Internet, allowing them to send and receive data.

In other words, IoT is a world where physically objects become a funnel of data. Whereby any THING wireless charging and the Internet of Things(object, machine, application, building and so on) can turn into a ‘smart’ object that will in turn be able to monitor, manage, control analyze, and engage without the need for human interference.

How do you turn an object into a smart object?

1. By giving that object a unique identity

2. Giving it the ability to communicate

3. Applying sensors (so it can tell you something beneficial about your surroundings)

4. Provide you the ability to remotely control the object


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What’s So Great About IoT?

Connected Devices, Connected World

Imagine the full potential of the Internet of Things to change your daily life. It can be one object that provides you with valuable information that can change the course of your day. Or possibly objects that communicate with one another and make life much easier for you. Maybe your air conditioning will learn to turn on and set itself to just the right temperature according to your preferences and by tracking your smart car on its way home. Or maybe your glasses will be able to give you all of the important details about your next meeting. Who knows, in the future your refrigerator may even be able to know exactly what groceries you need to buy, when old groceries are about to expire and will send it over to your grocery application that will register an automated order. From medical to enterprise, to everyday consumer applications – every industry is set to grow from the oncoming explosion of connected devices, networks and appliances.Humavox's wireless charging and the Internet of Things


Wearable Tech & IoT

One of the major fields that has the greatest potential for IoT is wearable tech. Fitness trackers, smartwatches, hearing aids, smart glasses and just about everything in between will soon be taking advantage of IoT technology for a more personalized user experience.  Providing you unique data of value and the ability to cross-analyze the personalized aggregated data in your life. For this reason, Gartner forecasts that IoT devices will reach 21 billion by 2020.

From simple everyday activities to complex decisions, the Internet of Things is changing how we work, live and interact with each other. Very soon, everything will be connected.

Humavox's wireless charging and the Internet of Things


Wireless Charging & the Internet of Things

In a world where everything is connected, one of the most important factors in IoT is the ability for your gadgets and small devices to analyze data and use it productively. In order to do this, your IoT network needs to be constantly working – and that requires a constant power source. This means that the charging experience is becoming a definite burden on users, as the current charging methods are just too complicated and will not meet those requirements.

Wireless Charging As the Gateway to IoT

That is why a convenient charging is a necessity in order to power the Internet of Things.  Imagine being able to simply drop your devices into a bowl or a drawer and have it charge, without the hassle of searching for a cord. Even more, imagine that your wireless charging station in itself will be an additional engine to the IoT world with the ability to collect data regarding your habits, device charging profiles, and more.

Humavox Drawer – wireless charging and IoT

Wireless charging is an essential element to power the Internet of Things, are we’re happy to be a part of it! Humavox’s NEST charging system is an RF technology wireless charging solution flexible enough that it can take many shapes and forms and fit into endless types of IoT devices and products – regardless of shape or size. So let’s begin the revolution!