Wireless Charging in Your Everyday Life

December 23rd, 2014

Whether you’re at home, on the move or at the airport, everyone has experienced the feeling of sitting awkwardly on the floor, tethered to a wall outlet while waiting for a device to charge. It’s a helpless feeling, and with the wealth of technology already available, it’s an outdated practice which no one should have to endure.

No More Cables

With so much important information sitting in our pockets and on our wrists, it’s ridiculous that our devices have such limited battery life and our options for charging those devices on the go are so limited. As the IoT revolution comes to fruition, wireless charging is shifting from a luxury to a necessity. Modern devices revolve around user mobility, so our charging solutions should too. Wireless charging will give us the freedom to no longer worry about carrying around charging cables and hoping that our devices will keep running until we reach the next power outlet.

As the IoT revolution comes to fruition, wireless charging is shifting from a luxury to a necessity

In addition, wireless charging will make a huge difference for medical patients with technological devices embedded in their bodies. Currently, patients with implanted devices have to endure frequent and invasive surgeries since their devices have a short lifespans. Wireless charging will allow medical patients to charge their devices without surgery, improving the patients’ wellbeing and also saving them time and money.

Wireless charging capabilities also need to be built into the infrastructure of cities. Imagine if every workplace, school and coffeehouse had wireless charging; finally you would be able to ditch power cords and use your devices without worrying about the batteries dying. IoT and wireless charging will make a huge impact on a variety of industries.

Luckily, wireless charging is up to the task of meeting consumer demand and the evolution of IoT-based societies. Humavox’s wireless charging technology is engineered to allow mobility and efficiency to help users assimilate wireless charging into their daily routine. This wireless technology is enabled through the ETERNA® platform that offers no usability constraints by way of its radio frequency (RF) transmission that wirelessly charges batteries within devices. The ETERNA® platform is tangibly implemented with the NEST® Power Station that eliminates the need to fuss with wires and the need for USB ports to be built into devices. We are excited to be at the forefront of the wireless charging revolution which will reshape our society for the better.