Why Small Tech Gadgets Need RF Wireless Charging

March 19th, 2014

Small tech gadgets are dominating the market

From miniature cameras to USB mini-fridge, tech gadgets are getting smaller and require a convenient solution to charging cables– they need wireless charging. However, not all wireless charging fits, magnetic wireless charging coils cannot fit into any device, therefore RF wireless charging is the only viable solution.

It has been a long time since computers took up entire rooms and mobile phones weighted about 80 pounds. Today’s small tech gadgets are smart enough to replace your PC and tiny enough to fit into your pocket.
Smartphones already encompass  many different functions that previously required several different devices: mobile phone, digital & video camera, music player and the like. Still,  tech device have not become outdated. Portable cameras, flash drivers and other tech gadgets are still in high demand – they only get smaller.

Smallest Tech Gadgets

Digital cameras, for example, can be so small you can hide them in your hand:

Novo Camera

Image: http://novocamera.com

Novo is a miniature camera, which despite its tiny size and lightweight it produces quality pictures and videos.

Small Lego Camera

Image: http://technabob.com

Some digital cameras are as small as a USB flash driver or even the size of a single Lego brick. The photos taken by these tiny cameras can be displayed on a 1.5-inch keychain digital photo frame.
Video gamers can also downsize their gaming equipment and choose between a palm-size Game Boy, a miniature PlayStation and a keychain SEGA Arcade.

Minature Playstation

Image: Sebastian Vargas/Flickr

The small tech gadgets industry also offers tiny fingertip speakers and even a USB mini fridge, designed for one soda can. However, those tiny gadgets lose their mobility and portability since they need to be charged frequently. The gadgets may fit into your pocket, but you’ll need a bigger container for all the power cords, battery stations and other charging accessories. And as wireless magnetic chargers have proven a challenge even for thin smartphones, the tiny gadgets market requires a better alternative.

It’d have been a lot easier if you could charge all of your gadgets using one wireless charging device, without messy cords and power concerns. Humavox envisions a world where users of small tech gadgets will not be bothered by battery life and charging issues on the go. With Humavox technology, users can carry one wireless charging case (such as NEST) for all their electronic devices and enjoy the portability and lightness of these tiny devices.

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