What to Expect at MWC 2015

March 1st, 2015

When the technology world descends upon Barcelona, Spain this week for Mobile World Congress 2015, the mobile industry is abuzz regarding the latest announcements and trends set to define the upcoming year in technology. It’s no secret that tech users are favoring mobile devices more than ever, with this demand driving new subsets of emerging products and creating fascinating trends within the tech sphere. Gartner expects mobile data traffic to increase by 59 percent this year – proof that consumers are continuing to favor mobile.

Perhaps no trend epitomizes consumers’ preferences for mobility more than the wearable technology craze. While consumers are clearly still most comfortable with a smartphone in their hand, the exponential growth in popularity of wearables demonstrates that consumers are truly seeking a singular smart device that is connected in a multitude of ways.

Connectivity is increasing within user environments, and with that it’s becoming more important than ever for users to have a hands-free mobile device that occupies as little attention—and physical space on your body—as possible. This conspicuous consumer demand was brought to light within the past week, when Juniper Research reported that making wearable technology “invisible” on users’ bodies could be the driving force that allows the market for wearables to reach $80 billion!

Wireless charging technology is thriving in the age of mobilityHUMAVOX Wirelessly Charging Multiple Devices

The paramount beneficiary of the wearable tech boom still stands to be the wireless charging industry. Wireless charging technology is thriving in the age of mobility and consumers demand a convenient, efficient and seamless experience with their personal technology. With convenient wireless charging solutions, consumers benefit from not having to worry about powering devices—and the continued mobility that accompanies it. Humavox’s drop-and-charge and on-the-go wireless charging technologies bring to life these consumer demands that are viewed as “futuristic” within the mobile space.

Perhaps no upcoming announcement at MWC reinforces the consumer need for wireless charging more than the Samsung Galaxy S6. By drawing upon the industry’s major players and unifying competing standards, the Korean company’s innovative approach to wireless charging is expected to advance the wireless power industry in droves. We can’t wait to see what’s next in the wireless charging industry.


If you’ll be in Barcelona at MWC this week, check out Humavox’s portable wireless charger and wireless charging bowl on display in the IMA Pavilion, Hall 2, 2D50 area.