Wearable of the Week: Quell Drug-Free Pain Relief Wearable

August 13th, 2015

The wearable of the week goes to NeuroMetrix’s Quell, a revolutionary new wearable technology clinically proven to manage pain, in a drug-free fashion. Quell, is an over-the-counter pain relief device. It uses Wearable Intensive Nerve Stimulation (WINS) technology to alleviate pain for people with painful conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, ibromyalgia, sciatica and osteoarthritis.

These conditions are often associated with great discomfort, suffering and frustration—interfering in daily functions, work and social activities. Making life that much harder.

What exactly is Quell?Quell Pain Relief Wearable

Quell is a light and slim wearable that you can discreetly wear under you clothes. It is worn just below the knee and is activated with a simple press of a button. It can be worn during the day while active and at night while sleeping. It is connected to a Quell Relief app, giving you the ability to track your personalized pain therapy.

What’s so cool about it?          

Its beauty lies in its ability to trigger your own body’s natural pain relief response through the stimulation of sensory nerves, which then blocks the pain signals in your body. Essentially Quell taps your sensory nervous system to sense precise neural pulses to your brain, which then triggers pain relief. Allowing you to experience pain relief in as little as 15 minutes.

It’s quite genius if you think about it.

The device is calibrated to your body to ensure you get the exact amount of relief you need. Customizing and adjusting automatically and determining the ideal therapeutic intensity of electrical nerve stimulation to provide you with optimal pain relief.


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Quell has an accelerometer that can automatically adjust to sleep mode when resting. With chronic pain, falling and staying asleep isn’t that easy. Lack of sleep can hinder your physical wellbeing and in turn, amplify your pain. Quell was cleverly designed be worn at bedtime to help you fall and stay asleep, improving life quality greatly.

Moreover, its Bluetooth technology allows you to track your therapy, sleep quality and history through the Quell application. Giving you the full picture at all times.

FDA approved?

Indeed. No need to worry, it has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of chronic pain without prescription.

Why will it succeed?Quell Pain Relief Wearable

Pain is a horrible thing; and living with it even more so.

Any option that provides effective pain relief in a 100% drug-free fashion definitely has a valuable proposition. With Quell’s ability to give a comfortable pain alleviation solution, many can dramatically improve their quality of life, while eliminating the risk of drug dependence, drug side effects and invasive surgeries. Moreover, Quell is more than twice as strong as ordinary TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices, which typically provide only localized pain relief. Making Quell’s proposition that much more lucrative.

We at Humavox support Quell’s mission, knowing their value is great and believing their success should be as well. Therefore we congratulate Quell as the wearable of the week and thank them for creating a 100% drug-free pain relief wearable technology set on making life pain-free!



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