Wearable of the Week: OrCam Smart Camera

July 2nd, 2015

Our wearable of the week goes to OrCam: a smart camera designed to assist visually impaired individuals by providing object recognition while “whispering in your ear”.


How does it work?

OrCam Smart CameraThe OrCam smart camera can be mounted on the frame of eyeglasses and has the ability to help it users recognize text and products. The device itself can read almost any printed text such as newspapers and books, signs, labels, text on the computer or smartphone and the like. Moreover, it is coupled with a bone-conduction earpiece that gives the device the ability to speak what it sees to the user making it truly useful.

The OrCam can also be used to identify known faces and products. It can be personalized to remember hundreds of items in its internal memory without the need for internet connection. For example, previously stored faces are identified and announced upon entering the camera’s view. The device can also be taught to recognize the user’s personal objects, assisting in daily tasks such as providing an easier shopping experience and overall better recognition.

Moreover, the OrCam can respond to a simple intuitive gesture such as pointing a finger or pressing a single button. This type of gesture helps the device focus on the area of interest.

OrCam’s proprietary technology relies on its unique ability to process what it sees right away, without a need to retrieve information from anywhere else. It may take a few weeks for the device to be fully personalized to the individual but from then on it provides invaluable features to help the user in his/her daily functions.


Why you ask?

OrCam Smart CameraThis time it was a no-brainer for us at Humavox wireless charging. A technology that can assist so many people, possibly even our grandparents (just off the top of our heads), is one that we back 100%. Wearable technology is all about making life easier and comfortable and that is exactly what OrCam provides for visually impaired individuals.

Moreover, the future prospects of this device are impressive. The company claims that OrCam will be able to memorize places the user had once visited or tell the user what transportation is on its way. These future capabilities will create an even greater impact on enhancing the quality of life for many visually impaired people and therefore the company has our support.

Congratulations OrCam and thank you for designing a smart camera set on enhancing tremendously the quality of life for many!



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