Our Wearable of the Week: HereO

July 23rd, 2015

The wearable of the week goes to HereO, a GPS tracking smart watch targeted specifically for children between the ages 3 to 12. The HereO is equipped with WiFi and a built-in SIM card to allow you as a parent to track your child directly through the HereO family app in your smartphone.

What can it do?

The HHereOereO can locate your child anytime, anywhere, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to know the whereabouts of the thing you cherish most.

It can provide you with locations and alerts. For example, in the app you can set up ‘safe zones’, which can include all your child’s daily environments (school, home, extracurricular activities and the like). Once your child moves out of the zone you’ll immediately get a notification in the app.

Additionally, the HereO provides a range of services in case of an emergency. For example if your child needs your help, by moving his/her wrist aggressively the HereO watch can send out an SOS signal to your smartphone immediately.

Also, through the application, location sharing for the entire family becomes simple and convenient. As well as the ability to broadcast a message to the entire family.

What makes it so cool?

The HereO watch has miniaturized components to make the watch fit children’s wrists. It is half the size of any other wearable tracking product in the market todHereOay and it comes in a variety of cool colors and designs. Basically, it’s useful and stylish.

Why will it work?

Smartly Simple.

We at Humavox believe that many times simple is better. HereO’s simple functionality, features and design are what make it so unique. By bridging between smart capabilities and simple use, children can adopt it while parents can reap the benefits of its smart tracking ability.

Why is HereO our wearable winner?

At the end of the day people are willing to do a lot to keep their most prized possession safe and secure. HereO gave an answer to a fear many (if not all) parents have regarding their child’s  whereabouts and safety. Therefore they definitely have our unwavering support in creating such a much needed wearable.

Congratulations to HereO, the kids tracking wearable that brings a new sense of security to parents everywhere. We thank you for your great addition to the wearable world.



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