Wearable of the Week: Fitbit Charge HR

August 20th, 2015

This time around wearable of the week goes to a company that has received many headlines and is no stranger to the wearable fitness world— Fitbit.

Fitbit is currently the leading company for wearable fitness trackers. It has more than doubled its value since going public around the end of June and has undoubtedly won the public’s attention and admiration. Out of the extensive portfolio of devices Fitbit possesses, we chose the Fitbit Charge HR.


What does it do?

Released in early January 2015, the Fitbit Charge HR has taken fitness to the next level. The fitness band is worn 24 hours a day and looks fairly simple. It is capable of continuously tracking your heart rate, as well as monitoring calories burned, daily steps, distance traveled and more. It has wireless syncing, caller ID and sleep monitoring capabilities, not to mention a killer app. Basically, the Fitbit Charge HR has created a whole new fitness experience.


How is it different?

DesignFitbit Wearable

In the world of wearables, design should not to be underestimated. If it doesn’t feel good or look good—it’s not worth it. The Fitbit Charge HR is quite simple and pretty much blends with any outfit. It has a textured rubber band with a small LED screen and single button on the side. Its overall look fits practically anyone and is available in a number of colors to make it a bit more personalized.

Easy to use

All you need to do is basically pair it with your smartphone, enter some basic data into the Fitbit application and wear the device. To see your data you press the button on the band and look through. The application itself is extremely clean and easy to understand.


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Cool features

Fitbit Charge HR has gone beyond simply offering activity tracking capability. It provides the full fitness experience. This experience thrives on what we view as the innate human needs:

(1)  The need to compete

The Fitbit Charge HR was cleverly designed to allow you to invite and share your stats and progress with family and friends. Making you inclined to stay on top of your game.

(2) The need to know & trackFitbit Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge HR is well known for its accuracy with heart tracking capability. Giving you the tools to more precisely record and log workouts, track run stats and map routes. It also allows you to track your calorie intake by logging food with a barcode scanner and providing a calorie estimator. Making it easy for you truly track your health.

(3) The need to succeed

By earning badges and notifications, you are able to know your goal progress and celebrate fitness milestones. Giving you that extra positive feedback to keep on going.

(4) The need to sleep
Yes, Fitbit even thought about sleeping. You can set sleep goals, review sleep quality and see weekly sleep trend graphs through the app. Moreover, the sleep mode automatically kicks in from your movements and heart rate data so there’s no need to even make an effort. Pretty impressive.

(5) The need to interact

Caller ID. Enough said.


Why will Fitbit succeed?

It’s accurate, comfortable & continuously improving.

Many fitness bands rise and fall based on accuracy of the data and comfort of wearing the device itself, while actually being able to use it. With this down, Fitbit has jump-started the race with quite an advantage. Nevertheless, what we believe will promise Fitbit’s success in the long-term, is the company’s unique ability to continuously provide added value for the user. Fitbit understands what is necessary for a better user experience, upgrading each Fitbit, while maintaining its core essence and advantage: accuracy and comfort.

So congratulations to Fitbit Charge HR for winning wearable of the week, we thank you for creating an extremely accurate and comfortable fitness tracker that motivates us to be healthy!



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