Wearable of the Week: Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

June 26th, 2015

Our wearable of the week is the famous Recon Jet that received quite a bit coverage Recon Jet Eyewear - Humavoxlately when Intel had publicized the acquisition of Recon Instruments.

Recon Instruments is one of the leading makers of innovative smart eyewear for sports and high-intensity environments. The Recon Jet eyewear is pushing performance to new levels by providing athletes with real-time activity-critical information. We congratulate Recon Instruments on its achievements with Intel’s acquisition, however we have our own reasons for awarding Recon Jet the wearable technology of the week.

Why Recon Instrument’s Recon Jet?

At Humavox we believe that there lies an unrealized potential in the smart eyewear  market. One way to cease this potential is by effectively targeting different users based on their different needs, or in other words, customizing an experience for specific users. We believe Recon Instruments has done exactly that. They target athletes and provide a tailor-made solution set on meeting their particular needs. The rationale behind the Recon Jet is to provide users with a personalized experience to fit their sport activities. Essentially providing the data needed for sports and cyclists to improve their performance in real-time. For this amazing accomplishment they win our wearable technology of the week!

How does it work?

The Recon Jet has the look of regular sunglasses with an addedRecon Jet Eyewear - Humavox value of a small optical lens with augmented reality capability and a build-in camera that has the ability to capture photos and videos instantly. It has sensors that can measure different parameters: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and the like. As well as the ability to connect with Wi-Fi connectivity and even pairs with your smartphone so you can receive calls, SMS notification and access to social media.

The Recon Jet provides real-time power data on a display that sits below the right eye. This allows the athlete to view information about his exercise output, calories burned, pace, grade, speed, duration, distance and progress while still in motion. Providing athletes with vital information at a glance and letting them push your achievements to the maximum.

Congratulations to Recon Instruments on the Recon Jet smart sunglasses, the tailor-made eyewear for runners and cyclists- thank you for pushing us to the next level!



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