Our Wearable of the Week: Nymi Band

July 16th, 2015

Our wearable of the week is an unconventional and unique type of smart band: the Nymi Band. Unlike other tracking bands, its main function is not to measure your pulse or assess your fitness. The Nymi band was created with the distinct purpose of utilizing the user’s unique heart-ID to unlock devices, remember passwords, and provide the user with a more accessible experience to his/her personal environment.

How does it work?

Nymi BandNymi’s patented biometric authentication technology, the HeartID is at the core of the Nymi Band. Using sensors, the HeartID can confirm the user’s identity given each individual’s ‘unique heart signature’ (ECG). The Nymi Band then uses the user’s unique heart signature to authenticate and confirm his/her identity.

The smart band is also paired with devices and services tailored to the user’s preferences in order to create a world of seamless experiences. Essentially, the company is driven to opening the environments in our lives– in a world full of passwords and pin numbers the Nymi band is set on making life easier to access.

How do we use it?

After wearing the device, by clicking ‘Activate My Nymi Band’, it’ll begin searching for the unique electrocardiography of the heartbeat (or ECG). After a few seconds, it’ll recognize the user and provide him/her the ability to seamlessly move about their day by allowing the authorization of transactions, unlocking of personal belongings such as cars and providing immediate access to all the user’s normal environments such as the office or home. All this by simply wearing the band.

What’s so cool about it? 

The beauty lies in the fact that as long as the band stays clasped, the user can utilize it for any application he/she approves. Once it’s off or if by any chance it falls into the wrong hands, it is immediately deemed useless since it is only the user’s unique HeartID that provides the access.


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…and for the geeks among us:

The Nymi band has the ability to authenticate users by monitoring ECG (Electrocardiogram). So what happens if your heartrate is faster than normal? Well, here’s the cool part- the band utilizes the shape of your ECG wave, rather than the actual heart rate, giving it the ability to tolerate typical variations in heart rate. In other words, Nymi has found a secret to effective authentication that no one can mimic but you!

Why did Humavox choose Nymi you ask?

Nymi BandWe at Humavox believe in visionary innovative wearable technology. We understand the world is heading towards IoT devices whereby everything is connected and devices can interact with one another. By allowing effective biometric authentication, life could be made dramatically easier and more productive. Whether it be for consumer context as the company is currently oriented such as identity confirmation to one’s home, car, work and personal data. Or oriented towards a world of more effective queuing (which means better time management) in airlines, healthcare environments, governmental facilities and the like.

Moreover, many different markets could benefit– for example the work professional environment could utilize the device to substitute IDs and allow access to data based on position and security level. The options are endless and the potential markets even more. The Nymi Band’s IoT potential is irrefutable and who knows? Maybe this data will be what is needed to access and link between an individual’s different environments and devices as IoT envisions.

…more down to earth?

Well if we put our visionary spiel aside, we also simply believe the Nymi Company is headed towards great places. The company definitely has our support in their effort to advance biometric authenticated wearable payments and ability to construct a seamless life for users.

Therefore we congratulate Nymi on the win and thank them for creating a smart band that makes our lives that much simpler and accessible!



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