Wearable of the Week: Nuubo Wearable ECG Monitor

July 9th, 2015

The Wearable of the Week title goes to Nuubo, a company in the medical realm that provides its users with a new approach to cardiac remote monitoring. The company has developed a wireless platform implemented using wearable electronic textile technology that captures accurately the patient’s ECG level, while providing users the freedom to move.

This wearable approach provides a new opportunity in the cardiac space whereby patients can continue ECG monitoring in environments with high levels of physical activity such as sports.


How does it work?Nuubo Wearable ECG

Using textile electrode technology, the electrocardiographic signal is captured by sensor electrodes that is then registered by the attachable wireless device. This data is then registered and processed and allows for real-time monitoring and detection of irregularities. The sophisticated and highly automated analysis software uses beat-by-beat QRS detection and an algorithm to classify and detect ECG anomalies. Moreover, this real-time monitoring allows the monitoring of multiple users simultaneously.


Why Nuubo?

The ability to provide all users, including those with various heart conditions the freedom to continue daily activity is incredibly valuable. Doing so in non -invasive manner is even more so, this definitely makes Nuubo win our full appreciation and support to continue paving the way in the wearable medical world!

Congratulations to Nuubo, the wearable ECG monitor that brings a comfortable new type of wearable cardiac monitoring solution for users.



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