Wearable of the Week: Hip-Hope’s Hip Protecting System

June 18th, 2015

Our wearable technology of the week comes from a fellow Israeli startup with a groundbreaking active hip protecting system set to alter the medical world. Hip-Hope with a great pun on words, do exactly that—give hope to your hips. The comfortably fit, lightweight belt-like wearable is worn on the waist and is set to prevent hip fractures by providing effective impact absorption and highly reliable real-time fall detection capability.

Why Hip-Hope you ask?

Because we believe wearables should give you freedom.Hip-Hope Hip Protector

This technology has the ability to allow elderly individuals to remain active without the constant paralyzing fear of wrong movements. It could enhance the quality of life for seniors prone to hip fractures who no longer need to be afraid.

How does it work?

With a unique design and integration of custom made sensors and algorithms, the company has the ability to distinguish between real falls and misleading fall-like events. When it senses that user is about to fall, the clever system deploys uniquely designed airbags within a fraction of a second, which reduces the collision impact and essentially, saves your hips.

Congratulations to Hip-Hope for creating an active hip protecting system set to alter the medical world while providing users with the freedom to move!



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