Wearable of the Week: Cycradia Health’s Cancer Screening Bra

June 4th, 2015


We’ve taken the wearable of the week from the healthcare industry this time around, because let’s face it, a wearable that can save lives definitely ranks high on our list.

Although still in development, Cyrcadia Health is working on a bra with sensing technology embedded within. This bra is set to act as a personal, monthly health screening tool for cancer. With smart conformable patches embedded into a garment, Cyrcadia Health’s technology collects up to 12 hours of normal and abnormal cellular activity.


How does it work?Cycradia Health Bra

The complex technology has the ability to identify abnormalities at the earliest stages of abnormal cellular growth and proliferation by tracking and measuring cell cycle temperature changes. Once the user’s cellular activity data is collected, it is then analyzed to provide results. But more importantly, imagine how this collection of data could be utilized in the future for medical improvement and better understanding of the disease.


The company is working to embed their technology into consumer comfortable type of garments such as sports-bras. Aiming to provide the seamless user experience that we love in our wearables. But more importantly, this wearable will be critical for those with a family history of breast cancer or past encounters with the disease and therefore it has our vote!

Congratulations to Cyrcadia Health for creating the cancer screening bra, an amazing wearable technology that could save our lives!