Wearable of the Month: The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

March 30th, 2017

Often times when we think of wearables we think of the many fitness trackers available on the market such as FitBit, AppleWatch, Garmin, etc. However, in recent years, wearable technology has expanded to other fields. Whether it be mindfulness with a soothing wearable for your mind, a tag that can track your pet’s mood and activity, or smart clothing that can improve your sleep, wearables are definitely not limited to fitness trackers anymore. But, this doesn’t mean they still aren’t revolutionizing the fitness world. This month we decided to highlight a wearable, that although it fitness related, also promotes safety and well-being. Congratulations to the Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet for being our Wearable of the Month!

wearable cycling helmet

Photo Credit: Coros

What is the LINX Smart Cycling Helmet?

Well, it is a basic helmet, but with some not-so-basic upgrades. Recently fully funded on its Kickstarter campaign, the LINK Smart Cycling Helmet is a smart and safe solution for riders. It seems like as we get older, we believe the need to keep wearing a bicycle helmet decreases, even though the risk and dangers stay the same. Whether riders stop wearing helmets because they believe they are impervious, or because they don’t find them useful, neglecting to put on that helmet can be a big hazard in the cycling world. That’s where the LINX Helmet comes in. Gone are the days of just strapping on your helmet and forgetting about it. The Coros LINX lets you stay hands, ears, and eyes free so that you can focus on the road and enjoy a better, yet safer ride!

What Does It Do?

Ok, so we know that the LINX Helmet makes bike riding safer and more enjoyable, but how exactly? Well for starters, it is a helmet, but one that was built for performance as a road cycling helmet with high speed, a low-drag aerodynamic design, and an airflow vent cooling system. Its smartphone audio capability enables riders to wirelessly connect their helmet to their smartphone. From there, you can listen to your own music, answer phone calls, talk to fellow riders, and even hear navigation and information about your ride. The open-ear bone conduction audio, which will be discussed more below, allows for sound precision and full environmental awareness. The helmet also comes with a Smart Remote that can be mounted on the handle bar for hands-free audio control for volume, to skip a song, pause/play, or for communication purposes, like to hang up the phone. Also included in the package is an app for managing GPS ride details, controlling routes and voice navigation, and data sharing with popular shops.  Some more perks include an SOS emergency alert that goes off via impact or sensor, comfortable linking and dynamic fitting, and the helmet works in all weather – rain, water, splash, and sweat resistant!

wearable of the month

Photo Credit: Coros

The Whole Package

So how does this helmet do all of the above? Well as mentioned the helmet uses bone conduction technology to keep your ears open while you ride. Bone conduction works as sound waves are converted into vibrations delivered through your upper cheekbones. From there, the inner workings of your ear receive the vibrations and transforms it into the sound you hear. All while leaving your ears open and exposed. This is extremely important for cyclists as they can hear the audio but also the noise around them such as other cars or potentially dangerous obstacles.

LINX Smart Helmet capabilities

Photo Credit: Coros


Although the LINX Smart Helmet is an amazing wearable, it doesn’t come alone. The LINX Smart Helmet comes with a Smart Remote that gives riders an easy and safe way to control how they ride. It easily mounts onto the handlebars, so installation is simple. From there the user can control volume, skip tracks, pause the music, take calls and even more all without fumbling with his or her phone. Keep your hands on the handlebars and let the LINX helmet and its partners do the rest!

LINX helmet

Photo Credit: Coros


Lastly, this helmet also comes with a paired app that is available for Apple iOS and Android. You can use the app to connect your helmet to the smart remote and your smartphone. Then track your rides and ride history! You can include distance, time, average speed, max speed, calories burned, elevation, and even more! You can set, save, and share preferred routes to friends and family or even popular cycling apps. The app is also important as it’s here that you can designate an emergency contact to call. They will be notified if there is ever a significant helmet impact!

LINX helmet app

Photo Credit: Coros


The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet by Coros has revolutionized wearables for the cycling world with their safe and smart helmet! Congratulation again for being Humavox Wearable of the Month!!

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