Wearable of the Month: Muse Brain Sensing Headband

April 27th, 2017

We can’t believe that April is almost over! But, that means that it’s time for our Wearable of the Month! By now, we’ve all heard and possible own some sort of wearable, whether it be a fitness tracker, smart watches and glasses, or some piece of smart clothing.  That’s why when we came across the Muse Brain Sensing Headband, we knew it had to be our Wearable of the Month. Keep reading to find out why!

Muse - wearable of the month

Photo Credit: Muse

The Basics

This wearable, that looks almost like a pair of headphones that you wear across your face, promises calm, focus, and meditation. They seem pretty easy to use as well, something that’s not always the case with high-tech wearables. The user puts the Muse headset on and the complete the breathing exercises when prompted by the paired app. This exercise is to calibrate the wearable to your own brain! So cool!!

Muse: meditation wearable

Photo Credit: Muse

The sounds indicate how focused and calm you are. For example, the sound of waves represents neutral; whereas storms are bad and mean that your mind is unsettled. Tweeting birds on the other hand are good and mean that your mind is settled and calm. In simple terms, the sounds you hear while mimic the calmness or unsettled nature of your brain activities. After the calibration, Muse will give the user feedback about how to settle or calm their mind. Each time the user complete a session, he or she can see how they did through a series of graphs and charts. You can track your progress over time and earn points to unlock new features. You can track your progress over time to learn more about your own mind, setting new goals and making new achievements!

Muse app

Photo Credit: Muse

What Does It Measure?

Ok, so the Muse headband sounds totally cool right? Sounds changing based on how settled or unsettled your brain sounds like the future. But what exactly does the headband measure? Well according to Muse’s website, the brain sensing headphone is a fitness tool for your brain and mind! It measures brain signals similar to how a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat. The headband collects the data sing 7 finely calibrated sensors: 2 on the forehead, 2 behind the ears, and 3 reference sensors that detect and measure the activity of your brain!

muse sensor

Photo Credit: Muse

And before you even ask, yes it’s safe! The Muse headband has been test and certified with Canadian, USA, and European regulatory standards. The measurements taken are harmless and only provide information about the state you are currently in. And this isn’t the first time brain sensing technology has been used, as hospitals and research institutions have used it for over a century to study different brain function.

What Are the Benefits?

Muse makes meditation easy, and it today’s world that’s really important. Many people today experience some form of stress, whether it be from a relationship, job, or financial issues. Some of us are just stressed for no reason, and we are easily distracted by television or other forms of technology that let us tune out the issues we don’t want to think about. Muse helps to fix this, as it makes meditation not only easy, but also fun and engaging. In today’s hectic world, everyone needs some time to just relax and think about themselves. Meditation is scientifically proven to improve focus, performance, and quality of life.

The Muse brain sensing headband is one of the most unique wearables we’ve stumbled across so far. Not only does it seem like a device from the future, but it also can greatly benefit and help those who use it. Congrats again for Muse for being Humavox’s Wearable of the Month!

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