Wearable of the Month: VI by LifeBeam

October 5th, 2017

Have you found yourself feeling lonely and bored during your usual morning run? Let me introduce you to VI. It’s about to become your favorite running mate. It’s beautiful and smart and it’s number one desire is to keep you motivated… curious? Learn more about it now!


What is VI and Who Is It For?

Photo Credit: LifeBeamm

Photo Credit: LifeBeam

VI by LifeBeam is described by its creators as “the first true AI personal trainer”, it’s a real-time coach who will find your ideal path to fitness. What makes it unique from any other fitness tracker so far is it’s remarkable technology. LifeBeam developed a fitness tracking app built right into a pair of Biosensing earphones. It’s brilliance is complemented with a stylish design and beautiful sound by Harman/Kardon, turning it into the perfectly elegant way to run for any fitness enthusiast.

Photo Credit: LifeBeam

Photo Credit: LifeBeam


How Do VI Earphones Work?

LifeBeam has managed to load VI earphones with an amazing amount of tech. Some of its charms are: a heart rate monitor, 6-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, barometer, in-ear detection sensor, automatic speech recognition, and an earbud touch sensor. Vi is very sociable too, it integrates with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit and will import stats from these apps. For music, Vi integrates with the local music on your phone and Spotify Premium. Additionally, you can also export a .tcx file to share with a variety of fitness apps!


How to Use Vi’s Voice Commands?

VI cares about you and will keep you posted about:

Last but not least, you will notice VI is not that chatty in the beginning. Just be patient! At first it needs time to get to know you, give it time. The initial calibration period last around 2 hours, during this time it will be learning who you are and how you run.

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