Wearable of the Month: Earin the Truly Wireless Earbuds

July 28th, 2016

Our wearable of the month for July goes to Earin, the smallest wireless earbuds available!

 Earin – wireless earbuds


Earin began a Kickstarter project as the smallest, truly wireless earbuds available on the market with high-quality audio. Weighing in at 3.5 grams each, Earin is designed to be compact and flexible, while at the same time optimizing acoustics and electronics together. With no cables or unnecessary functionality, Earin is perfect for music-lovers on-the-go!

Earin Truly Wireless Earbuds


Earin’s creator developed the idea after watching the movie Definitely Maybe back in 2008. Actor Ryan Reynolds walks into a crowded New York City Subway wearing just a small pair of earbuds….with no strings attached! The goal then became to develop stylish-looking wireless earbuds that would offer the best and most comfortable music experience possible, launching his Kickstarter project in June 2014.

E Earin – truly wireless earbudsarins connect to your smartphone or music player using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. It also connects to an accompanying app for users to adjust the left/right balance, bass boost, and volume. At 20 mm long, these buds are designed to be small, but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to sound. The focus is on the sound and the ergonomics of the device, so there are no other added distractions, such as a microphone or anything else.

There is even an added ‘wing’ for extreme sports users to ensure a secure fit into the ear.

Earin earbuds for Sports


Wireless earbuds, such as Earin, are set to take over the hearable market because…well, they’re just that much more convenient. Imagine being able to listen to music during your daily commute, workout, or in the library without having to deal with the tangle of cords and plugs. In addition, ultra-compact and lightweight earbuds are the most portable of all earbuds/earphones and can be fitted inside the canal for a better hearing experience.


Congratulations to Earin for being named July’s Wearable of the Month!

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