Wearable of the Month: The Apple Watch

October 29th, 2015

Our wearable of the month this October goes to the Apple Watch!

Apple has once again reinvented communication. The Apple Watch first went on sale in April and immediately sold out, with orders backing up almost 2 months. It comes in 3 different designs: Apple Watch Sport, Gold Edition, or stainless steel. So what are some of the exciting features that make the Apple Watch stand out in the wearable market?

Apple Watch

 1. It’s a mini-iPhone:

Besides being able to answer and make phone calls and text messages from your watch, it can even analyze the content in the text and suggest quick replies for you to send straight from your wrist! If you prefer not to answer, you can simply decline the call and send it straight to voicemail.

Apple Watch

2. Personalized Health & Fitness:

The Apple Watch is designed to make anyone who wears it lead a healthier life, so much so that IBM has recently signed a deal with Apple for an internal fitness initiative to help monitor personal exercise goals. The watch uses a custom sensor built in the back of the watch that can analyze your heart rate, calories burned, etc. It then connects to Apple’s Healthkit to analyze distances traveled, pace, and more.Apple Watch


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3. Apple Pay:

Use Apple Pay on your smartwatch with one-tap payments. You need to set up Apple Pay on your phone, after which it syncs to the watch. After that, you can make purchases by double clicking the button and holding your wrist up to the payment terminal. What can be easier than that?

Apple Watch

4. Siri:

She’s always with you on your wrist. Need we say more? You can ask Siri to enable Airplane Mode, set the alarm, place calls on your phone’s contact list, and MUCH much more.


5. Battery Life:

The Apple Watch battery is supposed to last up to 18 hours, but it will typically last much longer, depending on use:Apple Watch


According to the website, the Apple Watch takes around 1.5 hours for an 80% charge or 2.5 hours for a $100% charge. This is good for now, but it looks like the Apple Watch 2 should have an even better battery life.


So congratulations to the Apple Watch for being October’s Wearable of the Month! Thanks for creating one of the COOLEST and most exciting all-around wearables on the market.



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