Using Humavox’s Charging Station NEST for your Hearing Aid

March 16th, 2017

Hearing loss is an ageless phenomenon that may affect all of us at some point in our lives, either personally or through family members and friends. Luckily, modern day technology such as hearing aids, provides some relief for those suffering from hearing loss. Therefore, the ability to have a hearing aid device that can easily charge these tiny wearables is imperative. Disposable batteries are an incredible hassle as they require constant changing. Even more frustrating is a battery that needs to be plugged in to charge; but, because hearing aids are so small plugging them into charge can be a tricky task. To improve the user experience and alleviate a real problem for hearing aid users, Humavox knows that there needs to be a easier charging solution for such small wearables. That’s where Humavox’ NEST comes in.

What is the Humavox NEST?

The Humavox NEST is a wireless charging station that can take the form of a case, bowl, box, or any other object. With the ETERNA wireless charging platform technology, the wireless charging station has nearly no volumetric or geometric design constraints. What does this mean? That means that we can turn any household object you may be accustomed to naturally placing your electronic devices into a wireless charging station. This allows product designers to completely control and shape the user experience, charging functionality and interface, as well as the charging station’s size, look and feel. Humavox’s NEST wireless charging station provides an easy to use charging solution for hearing aids. The charging station was developed with hearing aids users in mind, therefore it provides an extremely convenient and intuitive wireless charging experience for people of all ages.

NEST wireless charging station for hearing aids

The NEST and Hearing Aids

Humavox’s NEST is the perfect wireless charging solution for hearing aids and other small wearables, and as wearables become more and more popular, it is pertinent to find a relevant charging solution. The NEST allows users to just drop and charge their devices. Let’s say you decide to turn the little bowl on your bedside table into a charger using Humavox’s NEST technology. Now, instead of having to fumble with tiny chargers and plug in your hearing aid at the end of the day, you can get into bed, and just drop the device into the wireless charging station and the charging begin! It’s as easy as that!

We believe that one of the biggest benefits of the NEST when it comes to charging hearing aids is the fact that our platform eliminates the need for wires, cords, and outlets! Let’s be honest, a large majority of the people who use hearing aids are the elderly, and plugging in small wearables every night can be a burden. Humavox’s ETERNA platform has the ability to integrate into the smallest of devices, meaning that regardless of the small size of the hearing aid, wireless charging can be seamlessly integrated. This eliminates the need for dexterity and improves the user experience dramatically. For those experiencing this daily struggle, the change is priceless. The NEST makes the user experience much more convenient and easy for consumers!

NEST station for hearing aids

Besides the drop and charge feature, the NEST also has the capability of charging multiple devices at once. The NEST wireless station powers a number of devices simultaneously regardless of placement position, orientation and proximity between the devices. Users just drop their device in their NEST-enabled case. Have a smartphone that needs charging? How about a FitBit? Just toss them in with your hearing aids at the end of the day and let the NEST do the rest of the work. Lastly, our charging station for hearing aids would be very affordable! Low electrical and mechanical BoM means that wireless charging can become available to anyone. Our NEST wireless charging platform will make having and using hearing aids a much more comfortable process for users.

And it’s not just for hearing aids! Humavox’s NEST will not only work well for hearing aids, but was also designed for other health care needs! From wearable glucose monitors and ECG monitors, to medical smart glasses and wearable sensors, we understand that wearables are a growing trend in the healthcare industry. As this trend grows, so does the need for a simple and effective wireless charging solution. With any of these devices, dealing with any extra cords or wires only complicates things.

NEST wireless charging station

Whether young or old, you should be able to rely on your hearing aid device and not worry about having to replace the battery or struggle to untangle another cord. Making the user’s charging experience a natural and easy one is always our main goal, that’s why with the NEST user’s can take out their hearing aids, toss them into the charging station, and watch their device charge – no strings or wires attached!