Top 5 Facts About Wireless Charging: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know

December 1st, 2016

Imagine a world where you don’t have to carry around five different chargers for each of your smart objects. No more rummaging around in your bag for that one specific USB cable. No more holding your wire at the perfect angle to make sure your iPhone actually chargers. Even if you bring all your chargers with you, when you show up at your favorite coffee place, all of the outlets will be inevitably taken.

So what’s the solution? Wireless charging. I’m sure you’ve heard the term wireless charging thrown around. But how much about wireless charging do you really know? Charging your smart objects without outlets and cords is the future! Find out the top 5 facts about wireless charging you need to know.

1. Wireless charging has been around since 1820!

Did you know that Wireless Charging has been around since the nineteenth century? In 1820, using an electric current and a magnetic compass, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted originally discovered that electric currents can create a magnetic field. But the history of wireless charging doesn’t stop there! A decade later, Michael Faraday, an English scientist discovered electromagnetic inductive wireless charging! In simple terms, Faraday found out how to transfer energy between two objects, the basis of wireless charging. In 1890, Nikola Tesla made the biggest breakthrough for wireless charging yet. With his famous Tesla Coil, Tesla demonstrated a wireless electricity transfer. Using a high frequency alternating current, he wireless lit up a light-bulb from across the room. Even back then, people knew the benefits of wireless charging! And by the way, your beloved electric tooth brush most likely charges with induction wireless charging.

Wireless Charging in the 19th Century


2. Induction is not the only wireless power technology and with RF wireless charging, you can charge all your smart devices at once!

First of all let’s quickly explain radio frequency (RF) wireless charging. RF wireless charging uses radio frequencies to charge a device. RF wireless charging is different than other types of wireless charging because it uses electromagnetic waves (instead of induced magnetic fields). Still not sure what RF wireless charging is? Think of the wifi-router in your house. It transmits the internet to your computer, cellphone, or wearable wirelessly. RF wireless charging is similar in that it transmits energy from a wireless charger to a receiver. The receiver, inside your device, turns the energy into electricity, which then becomes power, which charges your electronic device! Say goodbye to your wires! So why is this so cool? Well with RF wireless charging you can charge more than one device at once. You don’t need 3 different cords for all your different electronics. Just drop them all in a bowl, cup, or box – just drop and charge in your own multiple device charging station.

Humavox's RF Wireless Charging

3. There are many common uses for wireless charging.

Wireless charging can be seamlessly integrated into technology that you use everyday and not only your smartphone! Think about wearables, electric vehicles, drones and more. Today you might not use a drone everyday but the future is rapidly approaching and trust us it’ll be a lot easier to have an autonomous self-charging drone than have to plug it in every time. We’ve all had to hold our phone at a specific angle to make sure it charges. Or left home with the charger for the tablet instead of the wearable. With wireless charging, all of our devices could be conveniently charged in one place without the mess of tangled cords. In today’s ‘connected world,’ multiple device wireless charging is becoming more of a necessity than anything. With so many smartphone, wearables, and other tech gadgets that require recharging devices, wireless charging is inevitable.



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4. Wireless Charging would be invaluable for the healthcare field.

Have you ever tried to change the battery of hearing aids? It’s definitely not easy! Especially when the market for most hearing aids are the elderly. Think about an elderly person, who, based on the amount of noise he/she is exposed to daily, might have to change the battery of his/her hearing aids daily. This is an incredibly burdensome task that this individual would have to deal with for the rest of their life. Now instead of taking out the old battery and replacing it, think if the elderly could just drop their hearing aids into a bowl or box before bed and in the morning the wearables would be fully charged! There would be a huge improvement for quality of life. Wireless charging would be invaluable for the healthcare field because of how easy it would make charging tiny wearables that are used frequently in healthcare. Furthermore, there has been a rise in the use of drones for medical purposes, such as delivering medical aid to other countries. And drones need wireless charging in order to remain truly autonomous! Wireless charging can revolutionize MedTech/HealthTech field!

Wireless Charging for Medtech

5. Wireless charging is still not mainstream, but it should be!

After all the benefits listed above, it’s shocking that wireless charging hasn’t been integrated everywhere in our lives. One of the main reasons wireless power has not become mainstream yet is because there is a lack of standardization in the market. Current competing technologies mean that devices will not work with just any type of charging station – each requires their own. At the end of the day, are you interested to know which technology is enabling your device to charge, or are you more interested that it works? This issue, however, is being addressed with standardization led by the AirFuel alliance- enabling interoperability between the different technologies.

Wireless Charging Facts

From watches and earbuds to alarm clocks and light switches, it seems like every day more and more everyday items are transforming into smart technology. Smart technology definitely makes our lives easier, who doesn’t want a watch that can also answer text messages and track your daily fitness levels. However, with the increase of smart technology comes a problem: how to charge everything. All of these smart objects lead to more wires, more cables, and more cords. Wireless charging is the solution to all of this. From convenience to seamless integration, wireless charging is the future for all of our devices!