The Weirdest Wearables You’ve Never Heard Of

June 8th, 2017

You know how people used to say that whatever you can think of, there’s probably an app for that. Well now the same goes for wearables. As more hit the market every day, it seems like every aspect of our lives can be monitored by a user-friendly wearable. And to be honest, sometimes the new tech that comes out can be a bit strange. But, it is refreshing to see some wearables come out that aren’t just about tracking how many steps you’ve taken that day or how well you slept. So check out these 4 wacky wearables that are a little weird, but also super cool and unique!

Change your mood with Doppel

If you ever feel the need to change your mood with the push of a button, there’s now a wearable for that. Doppel made it’s U.S. debut at CES 2017 as a wearable that is proven to make you feel calm and focused within minutes. The Doppel uses a rhythmic pulse that the user feels on the inside of his or her wrist. The pulses are similar to a heartbeat vibration. The faster rhythm the Doppel creates, the more alert you will feel; whereas a slower one will calm you down. Use Doppel to stay calm and motivated and tackle everything you have to do for the day. You can preorder one today!

Doppel wearable

Photo Credit: Doppel


BACtrack Skyn can tell you when you’re drunk

Ever leave a bar after a few cocktails and wonder, “I wonder what my BAC level is right now?” Now you never have to wonder again. Introducing BACtrack Skyn, a wearable that can be worn on the wrist or attached to an Apple Watch band, and can monitor your alcohol level in real time. This wearable is a huge upgrade for the company, which previously designed the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, a breathalyzer that you would blow into and get the BAC levels on your phone, which as you can imagine wasn’t too discrete. The wearable continuously monitors your alcohol level in real time, taking its measurements from your skin. You can set the wearable to alert you if you are drinking too fast or if you hit a certain BAC. Find out more and sign up to pre-order one here

BACtrack Skyn wearable

Photo Credit: BACtrack

Say no to pollution with WAIR Active

Whether you live in a bustling city or have to take public transportation to work every day, there can be a lot of nasty things in the air. From germs and air pollution, it’s important to think about the air that we breathe in every day and whether it can be harmful to us. With a WAIR Active scarf, you never have to worry about breathing in on a bus where someone’s been coughing for the last 5 minutes straight. The scarf featured an anti-pollution mask and active air-filtration box that connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app. The app then alerts you when you should wear your WAIR. If you get the notifications, put the WAIR across your nose and breathe assured that you are breathing in clean air. Find out more here!

Pavlok wearable

Photo Credit: WAIR


Kick those bad habits with Pavlok

Have a bad habit you want to quit? Maybe you bite your nails or smoke cigarettes and you’ve decided that it’s time to quit. That’s where Pavlok comes in, a wristband wearable that delivers an electric shock to its user to help them quit bad habits. The voltage ranges from 50 to 500 volts. Apparently, the wearable tracks your hand movements to know if you are pulling your hair or reaching for that last cigarette.  If it senses something you shouldn’t be doing, the wearable will shock you. Visit the company website to find out more about the Pavlok wearable and read some user testimonials.

 wearables and wireless charging technology

Photo Credit: Pavlok

Humavox’s Technology & Wearables

With Humavox’s drop and charge wireless charging technology, wearables, like the ones mentioned above, can easily be integrated with wireless charging. Humavox’s tiny wireless charging receiver can integrate into the smallest of devices, allowing easy implementation within wearables. Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging platform allows OEMs to easily and effectively integrate wireless charging into the different sensor applications. This would provide the user with a drop and charge experience, so that all that is necessary to charge is to simply drop the device in a customized charging station, without the need for cables or unnecessary hassle. Stop trying to plug your tiny wearable into a charger, use Humavox to just drop your device into the HuUmavox enabled wireless charging bowl next to your bed and let the charging begin!