Startups Are Taking the Internet of Things Industry by Storm

December 16th, 2014

Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2017, 50 percent of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will come from startups that are less than three years old. In its research, Gartner found that IoT startups are more focused on developing products that provide convenience, unlike many enterprises which are focused on creating products that will cut costs.

IoT Cloud

In line with Gartner’s research, Humavox® launched with the vision to make a type of technology—wireless charging—more convenient. In 2010, we set out to provide effortless and cost-effective wireless charging technology for electronics manufacturers. With our small and dedicated team we have made huge strides in the development of wireless charging technology.

Enterprises have bigger budgets and more resources at their disposal, but as a startup, we have used our ability to make and act upon decisions quickly to our advantage. In addition, while enterprises are focused on developing a wide variety of products and technologies, we have been focused on perfecting one type of technology with the goal of bringing wireless charging to the masses.

IoT startups are more focused on developing products that provide convenience

As rapid prototyping continues to advance and hardware and software development resources become more accessible, we expect that the playing-field of startups vs. bigger companies will become more level.


To learn more about the development of Humavox’s wireless charging visit our technology page!