Portable Chargers to Keep Batteries Alive

June 18th, 2014

Portable chargers are necessary equipment for the travel season; no one wants to get stuck on the road with a dying battery on the smartphone or tablet, especially when they are on vacation.

In the era of the multiple mobile devices, battery life is a concerning issue; an average smartphone lasts for only five hours of talk (on a 3G network) and 150 standby hours. The low-battery signs are even more disturbing when we travel and are far away from a wall socket (not to mention the terrifying scenario of forgetting the chargers at home).

Humavox Portable Charger

Portable chargers are one of the products designed to boost the battery life of mobile devices on-the-go. Portable chargers come in several types and designs, but they are usually small enough to fit into a purse. The most common type of portable battery chargers is the USB powered chargers, mainly used for smartphones, tablets and portable media players.

Humavox’s NEST offers a smart alternative to portable chargers. The wireless charging station can be designed in any size and shape, and its ability to charge itself and multiple devices even when it is unplugged makes it an ideal portable charger for traveling.

Humavox wireless charging technology aims to offer a better solution for everyone – from smartphone users to consumers of hearing aids (where the short lifespan of the batteries is a bigger concern and there aren’t any rechargeable solutions such as portable chargers), and to offer an intuitive and effortless wireless charging experience. Visit our website to learn more about Humavox’s award-winning wireless charging technology.