Our Five Favorite Wearables for Women

April 20th, 2017

Wearables, wearables, wearables. It seems like all we hear about lately besides IoT and driverless cars, are these tiny devices that can somehow change our lives. From fitness trackers, to smart collar tags for your pets, wearables come in all different shapes, sizes, and functions now. Wearables have changed the consumer technology market, as they have integrated into different sectors. And now, an even bigger market for wearables has emerged…wearables for women! Companies have started to integrate technology into fashion, jewelry, and more, putting women’s needs at the center of their technology. So, listen up ladies, because we’ve found 5 of the best wearables just for you!

Bellabeat Leaf – Smart Jewelry

Bellabeat Leaf is a smart jewelry health tracker accessory. Like most fitness trackers, it measures your daily activity and sleep. However, a couple of other features make this device uniquely special. Specifically for women, Bellabeat helps you track your menstrual cycle and offers feedback about your reproductive health. What else? It measures your stress levels in 2 ways, daily tracking and guided meditation exercises. Also, it can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clipped onto any clothing item. Choose from 2 leaf designs, Urban and the Nature.

wearable jewelry

Photo Credit: Bellabeat

Athos Smart Clothing

Athos makes smart wearable shirts and pants that can tell you which muscles are being targeting during your workout. The purpose is to help users optimize their workout by directing them to the areas of their body that they want to work on. Using sensors in the garments that connect via Bluetooth to a mobile app, you can capture and analyze data about your workout. All major muscles groups are measured, from quads to hamstrings, glutes, and more. Get the most out of your workout with Athos clothing.

Athos smart clothing

Photo Credit: Pocket-lint.com / Athos


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Bloomlife – Smart Pregnancy Wearable

Bloomlife is a smart pregnancy wearable used to help pregnant women track contractions from home in real-time. By placing this wearable on your belly, then syncing the tracker via Bluetooth to the Bloomlife mobile application, you can see whether your contractions align with your sensations. Not only this, but these contractions are measured through duration, time and frequency. From here, you can discover if your pregnancy cycles are normal in comparison to your history of previous contractions. Avoid the second guessing and reduce your worries with Bloomlife – a simple, safe, and accurate pregnancy wearable.

smart pregnancy wearable

Photo Credit: Digimedia.be / Bloomlife

Ringly – Smart Ring

Not into the bracelet fitness trackers? Ringly offers a solution for you. This smart ring does just about everything your average smart bracelet or watch does, maybe even more. It works as a fitness tracker and notifies you for specific alerts from your iPhone. Ringly either vibrates or lights up on the side when you receive a message, phone call, or other notification from one of your favorite apps synced to the device. It’s also water resistant, so no worries if you forget to take it off when washing your hands.

Photo Credit: Ringly / Wareable

Photo Credit: Ringly / Wareable


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If you get menstrual cramps then you know just how debilitating they can be. Even if your period can be managed with a few Advil throughout the day, many of us don’t want to rely on handfuls of pills. For others, these pills simply don’t work. That’s where Livia comes in, a new wearable specifically designed for women that eliminates menstrual pain! Livia, which was over 1000% funded on Indiegogo, is currently available on the company’s website. Livia is a drug-free solution to period pain, that provides relief from cramps by using physiotherapy technology and electrical pulses to block pain receptors. In simple terms, the signal between the cramping muscle and the brain is interrupted, which means that you lose the sense of the actual pain. Livia is easy to use, all the information can be found on their website. With one single touch, you can switch off your period pain. No pain, no pills, no problem!

Livia wearable for women

Photo Credit: Livia

Wearables and Wireless Charging

Because wearables are small, plugging them into charge every night can become a burden. And that’s ignoring the fact that it’s another charger and mess of tangled cords you have to deal with. With Humavox’s  wireless charging technology and its small wireless charging receiver, manufacturers can create a wireless charging solution that fits even the smallest and most discreet of your wearables! Just drop them in and charge! It’s that easy.