New year, new you, new battery life: tech trends you’ll need follow to stay charged & connected

December 25th, 2018

You know what they say, right? New year, new you! Most resolutions are made with the intent to hit the gym more often, cook at home and eat less outside, or start a savings account that could be helpful in future endeavors. There are, however, many resolutions that techies and digital nomads make to themselves that center around the upcoming gadget trends of the new year.

2019 is going to be swarming with drones, lit with portable hotspots, and ringing in with mobile devices that can benefit greatly from a solid wireless charger. Being able to take these new tech tools anywhere with you should be the point of possessing them in first place, yeah?

The most anticipated tech of 2019 that have the ability to charge on the go are almost here, and you should definitely be watching out for them if they aren’t already nestled underneath your holiday tree:

Earbuds without a classic cord

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting tangled in the cord of your headphones, while trying to finish your morning run. Well stress no more because companies like Apple and Bose are releasing wireless earbuds, which now can be wirelessly charged. This extra feature gives them heightened mobility, allowing you to bring your earbuds everywhere/ anywhere while avoiding any annoying cords.

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Tech Accessories that don’t get tangled

In early 2019 is when Apple is set to release its redesigned tablet pencil, which now can be charged wirelessly. A hot tech accessory for the upcoming year, the purpose of this pencil is to add precision to your ipad use when drawing, writing annotating and/or manipulating any points or lines on the screen.

Watches that withstand time

Watches used to just have the big and and little hand and complete the simple task of telling time. The infamous Apple watch has taken the tech world by storm with features including: full fledged app access, notification alerts, digital marketing, fitness and health tracking and recently, the ability to be wirelessly charged. In 2019, high fashion brands, luxury car brands, tech brands and watch designers are all said to be launching smart watches, most of which are said to have wireless charge capabilities.