Humavox’s NEST: A Wireless Charging Station of Any 3D Volume

May 11th, 2016

When thinking of what would be the most natural charging experience for users, we at Humavox realized that the charging experience is something that changes with different products and between different users. That is why we believe that wireless charging should be elastic enough so it can wear many shapes and forms, while seamlessly fitting into endless types of devices and products. With this guiding rule in mind, we built our wireless charging technology to be flexible enough so that anyone can integrate it, and everyone can use it. We call it ETERNA!

The power transmitting component of the ETERNA platform is the NEST. The NEST is not just any power transmitter, but it is also a design-free charging station. This means that the station could potentially be a bowl, cup-holder, drawer… or essentially ANY containing volume. With ETERNA wireless charging technology, the NEST charging station has almost no design constraints… meaning your product designer has complete control over the user experience, functionality, and interface when it comes to charging a device, enabling the most seamless and natural user experience.


What kind of charging NESTs can we fathom? Here are just a few ideas for wireless charging stations:



With smart glasses on their way to becoming a new reality, innovation must be supplemented with an innovative yet simple charging experience. In the enterprise world, if an employee is required to use smart glasses for the better part of their day, can they really be expected to make sure their glasses are plugged in with a cord all of the time?

Instead, they simply drop their devices in a drawer! The battery is no longer an issue.

Humavox's NEST: wireless charging case


Wireless Charging Bowl:

Imagine an elderly individual that has a hearing aid with a replaceable battery that is obviously quite small and has to replace that battery at least once a day (depending on the noise he/she is exposed to). This is an incredible daily burden that that individual has to deal with for the rest of their life. Now instead of this, think how their quality of life would improve with wireless charging! Before bed, users simply take their hearing aid off and throw it into Humavox’s wireless charging bowl – no strings attached.

Humavox's wireless charging bowl

Or even think about coming home from work and simply being able to drop all of your devices into a bowl and having them charge!

NEST wireless charging bowl


Charging On-the-Go:

In your car, at the gym, or wherever you go, the NEST can be a slim enclosure with a power bank to charge your electronic devices on-the-go. It could be a wireless charging case for your smart glasses or an on-the-go slim enclosure for your smartwatch or earbuds. A bowl, a case or any protective casing for your device could become a portable wireless charger. The sky is the limit!

portable wireless charging case



At Humavox, we have created a new way for RF wireless charging that allows designers to customize, adjust, and incorporate wireless charging into nearly any containing volume of any shape and size. By letting users simply drop their device into a charging station, we are blending wireless power into each and every type of different life environment.

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