Humavox Joins the AirFuel Alliance to Bring Wireless Charging to Wearables and IoT

September 25th, 2015

From Your Cup Holder to Your School Locker, Humavox, the Wireless Charging Innovator, Turns Any Volume into a Wireless Charger

Kfar Saba, Israel, September 2015 ­ Humavox, a leader in the wireless charging space has joined the AirFuel Alliance (formed by the merging between Alliance for Wireless Power and Power Matters Alliance). Under the merged organization, Berty Tarrab, Humavox’s Chief Strategy Officer, has been elected Vice Chair of the Uncoupled Power Working Group (UPG).

The PMA and A4WP merged this past June to create the Airfuel Alliance. With a combined membership of almost 200 companies, the merged organization is set on facilitating a faster evolution and adoption of wireless charging technology by enabling the exchange of technologies and systems for the overall benefit and adoption of the end user.

Humavox’s recent addition to the UPG is another step forward in the effort to make wireless charging a seamless part of everyday life. Humavox’s wireless charging technology, ETERNA®, is a flexible hardware platform based on near-field radio frequency (RF) technology with the ultimate goal of making charging simple, seamless and intuitive for users. ETERNA enables integration of wireless charging into the tiniest of devices, making it most suitable for small electronics, such as wearables and IoT devices. It is implemented with a charging station that can be in the form of any container such as a cupholder, drawer, box and more. For example, by simply tossing your Humavox-enabled fitness band into a wireless charging station, charging begins.

making wireless charging part of everyday life, is ultimately what standardization is all about

With the creation of the UPG, a group of all non-induction based technologies to facilitate the collaboration between the different technologies and implementation of an interoperable ecosystem, a new form of wireless charging synergy is unveiling. This synergy will advance the standardization demanded by users to wirelessly charge without worrying about discrepancies between the different wireless charging technologies.

“Interoperability, making wireless charging part of everyday life, is ultimately what standardization is all about,” Humavox Co-Founder and CEO Omri Lachman explained. “By merging different technologies, we will be actively involved in creating a spec of the ‘third generation’ of wireless charging and thus determining its very future.”

Understanding that we live in an age of proliferated connected devices, Lachman added, “Today people have more devices that are customized to fit their life, making them small, worn, portable and therefore all that much harder to charge. These small devices need to be charged in an intuitive way. Humavox blends wireless charging into life by tapping into users existing usability patterns, rather than forcing any awkward charging mechanism.”

“We are delighted to have Humavox as a member actively involved in the UPG and other committees.” said AirFuel  President Ron Resnick. “In their role as the newly elected Vice Chair of UPG, we look forward to Humavox’s contributions in creating a standard technology spec for wireless charging, enabling AirFuel to satisfy both consumer and industry needs.”


About Humavox

Humavox is an Israeli technology company that is on the cutting-edge of wireless charging. With its ETERNA platform, Humavox uses near-field radio frequency technology for an intuitive, simple and seamless charging experience. Humavox was founded in 2010 by Omri Lachman and Asaf Elssibony, and is based in Kfar Saba, Israel.