Humavox heads to CES: Meet us for the inside wireless charging scoop

January 8th, 2019

The most wonderful time of the year, hasn’t ended just yet! The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming back to Las Vegas, and we’re so excited to be introducing our wireless charging solutions at this world renowned event. From smartphones to power tools, we can’t wait to showcase our groundbreaking technology by presenting a range of scenarios that will transform everyday storage items into smart wireless chargers!

Charging our devices has become so ingrained in our daily routine, that wrapping up a smartphone cable and throwing it in your pocket before work is just as important as remembering your wallet or car keys. However, we see this as a 2018 problem, and want to use the new year to rid you of battery anxiety. Our radio frequency (RF) based technology and “On Around the Clock” experience at CES illustrates our mission to free customers of their cable needs!

ETERNA, our wireless charging technology, helps us achieve this goal through it’s flexible platform made up of proprietary semiconductor devices and state of the art algorithms. With ETERNA built and ready for use, any household storage item can be converted into a charging unit. A drawer, toolbox, (even a backpack!) can act as a smart wireless charger, adding a sense of relief to your daily routine! While ETERNA is available for certain original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate it into many types of mobile devices, our advanced technology will be able to tackle a diverse range of consumer tools, such as IoT connected devices and power tools.

Since it’s the first day of CES, we can finally clue you into our recent partnership with TennRich International Corp! As a leader in the wireless charging industry, we plan on working together to develop a new line of mobile charging solutions, which will be created and commercialized by both the Humavox and TennRich teams. Ultimately, this partnership will speed up consumer reach for our technology, not only for smartphones, but other devices as well! Certainly, with TennRich’s top notch years of experience in both design and manufacturing, we see a long-lasting, beautiful partnership that will help us grow in so many ways!

Find us at LVCC, South Hall 4, Booth #36035 to find out how we can solve all of your charging troubles and keep you #OnAroundTheClock!

Overall, it looks like 2019 is off to an exciting start, and we cannot wait to continue sharing all of our exciting news, reviews and updates with you throughout CES and beyond. And for those of you planning on coming to Las Vegas next week, if you have any questions about who we are, what we do and why we do it, well, you know where to find us!