Got a case of the Sunday scaries? Here’s how to recharge for the week ahead

November 28th, 2018

The Sunday scaries are no laughing matter! We all know the feeling – waking up after a well-spent Saturday with loved ones. Or, maybe you spent your Saturday night on a hot first date or having a movie night with friends. Now, the Sunday sunset rolled up on and you’re making pancakes and watching tv. All of a sudden, Sunday night comes around and you immediately experience the weight of Monday setting in. You’re panicking, you get stressed out, you’re frightened of the week ahead!

What’s the solution to avoiding the Sunday scaries, then? One word – RECHARGE. Take the time to recharge your internal battery just like you do with your favorite electronic devices. There are a few different ways to recharge for the week. Just look at your phone, laptop, Fitbit, smartwatches and anything else you can think of. Each device represents the perfect level of recharge you need on a scary Sunday and ironically enough, symbolizes the purpose you serve once you’re full of energy. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

The Fitbit charge: Take a nap
Take a cue from your even your most active electronic device and turn off completely, even if it’s for longer than you’re used to. When you hit the off switch on your Fitbit, it charges at a faster and safer pace then when it’s left on. Shutting down and taking a nap mid-Sunday will help improve your mood, alertness and performance in preparation for the week ahead.

The iPhone charge: Screen all calls and texts
When charging your iPhone at an optimal speed while also preserving data, it’s important to close all of your membership apps and screen phone calls that aren’t an emergency. Your iPhone needs to take a breather from constant communication just as much as you do. Turning a blind eye to texts and phone calls will give your hardware a rest, save any extra fees on your mobile plan, and most importantly – give you some peace of mind.

The MacBook charge: Detox from social media
If you go to plug in your MacBook and don’t disconnect from the nearest WiFi, you’re doing it all wrong. Translated into human recharging, this means you should be taking a break from being connected 24/7 and yes, that includes social media. Disconnecting from the WiFi leads to a faster charge, sure, but that doesn’t mean you need to start scrolling through any feeds after that battery if full. News, instastories, and tweets will be there Monday morning to keep you company on your coffee break.

The Smartwatch charge: Live in the moment… without restrictions
A lot of smartwatches require two cords to recharge for maximum performance: the USB and a standard wall cable in its charging port. Much like the two cords strung together at the device, the seconds, minutes and hours of each day are strung together to create the sequence of deadlines that we live by.. This Sunday, when you charge your smartwatch, waste some time instead instead of sticking to those deadlines. Live in the moment: take a long walk without a destination, finish that book you’ve been hoarding on your nightstand and avoid scheduling appointments. Be a free bird and thank yourself for it later.

Recharging is good for the mind, body and soul. Take this coming Sunday to fuel up for the week ahead, just like your favorite devices juice up for their next use. Scare those Sunday scaries straight away!