Four Facts about Wireless Charging

August 10th, 2014

Wireless charging is one of the biggest trends in mobile technology in recent years, and consumers are waiting for the next breakthrough product that will finally make wireless charging mainstream.

The concept of wireless charging was introduced in the 19th century, and you might be already using wireless charging devices without knowing. There are probably more things you didn’t know about wireless charging.

Here are four facts about wireless charging history, the difference between wireless charging technologies and more.

Facts about Wireless Charging Technology

  1. 1. Wireless charging technology is not new.

    Several scientists are credited for the invention of wireless charging technology. The first discovery of the basic principle of inductive charging through a magnetic field was made back in 1831 by Michael Faraday. The legendary scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla was also a pioneer of wireless charging technology, and some of his inventions in wireless electricity (back when wired electricity was unavailable) paved the way to wireless charging as we know it.

  2. 2. Generally, there are two types of wireless charging technologies:HUMAVOX Charging Station

    those that transfer energy from near field sources and those that transfer energy from distant sources. The most common wireless charging solutions, inductive and magnetic charging, transfer energy using near field sources. Humavox wireless power technology is based on radio frequency energy, which, similar to solar, heat and pressure charging uses distant sources to transmit energy.

  3. 3. You may already use a wireless charging device without even knowing.

    Electric toothbrushes charge through wireless charging technology to prevent possible electric shock due to its proximity to water.

  4. 4. Wireless charging solutions are capable of creating a more sustainable environment

    by reducing CO2 emissions by thousands of tons annually when applied on cars and public transportation vehicles, and by reducing battery waste created by the constant replacement of disposable batteries.

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