Charging Station for Multiple Devices and Gadgets

May 20th, 2014

Multiple Devices Charging Station

The charging station for multiple devices is a common solution for a common problem: how to charge all our devices efficiently, simultaneously and with minimum clutter?  

Smartphone and tablet ownership is constantly growing worldwide. Already in 2012, about third of the Americans reported owning both tablets and smartphones, and about 13% also owned a laptop. Without a multiple device charging station, their desk would be covered by a mess of cords and cables.

Those charging stations come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Some multiple device charging stations are designed like a desk organizer, with thin drawers to house each gadget (usually 1–3 smartphones, a tablet or an e-reader and a laptop); other charging stations are built inside a desk drawer or a nightstand while others are creatively concealed inside a book or a photo frame.

Multiple devices charging station helps keeping all the gadgets in one place and hiding the unaesthetic clutter of cords. However, many of these products are often compatible only with Apple or Android devices and are less suitable for users who own gadgets of different operating systems. In addition, they seem to support only flat gadgets and aren’t compatible with smartwatches, fitness bands and other wearable gadgets, which are becoming more popular these days.Multiple Devices Wirelessly Charging

Humavox came up with an alternative solution to the challenges of charging multiple devices after observing the behavior patterns of gadget users and listening to their complaints. Humavox’ NEST, the physical charging station, can charge any device that uses Humavox wireless power technology, including tiny gadgets and curved devices.


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