What CES 2015 Means for the Year Ahead

February 3rd, 2015

The Internet of Things revolution was in full force at CES, indicating that 2015 will be another big year for connected devices!


Even with the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in our rear-view mirrors, the tech world is still buzzing about how the cool gadgets introduced at the show will reshape our lives. The word “connected” was the main buzzword at the show with everything from wearables to robots to cars being showcased with Internet connectivity features. Further proving that connected devices are becoming more popular, Samsung President and CEO BK Yoon said that by 2020 every single Samsung device will be connected to the Internet.

Smart homes, connected cars and wearable tech were the focus of CES 2015

Read on to find out how the new technologies introduced at CES in each of these sectors will impact the year ahead.

Smart Homes

It has become an arms race to introduce connectivity to every device within the home. At CES we saw startups and huge companies alike showing off their vision for the connected home of the future, featuring connected home appliances, door locks and lighting. However, the question that remains is when these technologies will become mainstream. In 2015 we not only expect to see thousands of new smart home devices hit the market, we also expect to see more companies offering integration between smart home products which will help make connected devices more accessible to the average person.

Connected Cars

In the future we also expect to see wireless charging technology make its way into the carSome of the top brands in the auto industry were at CES, showing off smart infotainment systems and even driverless car technology. In 2015 we expect to see auto manufacturers focusing more on tech innovation to offer drivers increased convenience, luxury and safety.  In the future we also expect to see wireless charging technology make its way into the car, to one day offer drivers the convenience of charging their smart devices on the go.

Wearable Tech

Fitness trackers, smart watches, mobile virtual reality devices and smart clothing filled the show floor at CES. These wearable devices showed that the industry is evolving beyond just utilitarian devices and is focusing more on style to attract consumers. We also saw collaborations between fashion accessory brands and tech companies, showcasing wearables that meet consumers’ fashion and function needs. In the next year we expect to see more companies collaborating on wearable devices and offering integration between different types of wearables to allow your smart shirt to talk to your smart watch. We also expect that wireless charging technology will become integrated into more wearables, making the devices even more attractive to consumers.


At CES Humavox showcased our wireless charging solution for wearable devices. In the image beside this text you can see Humavox’s aesthetically pleasing bowl designed for CES with ability to charge multiple devices and oriented to blend naturally into your office and home environment. Beneath, is a sample of our specially designed portable charger that fits simply and conveniently into your bag so you can continue charging on the go. The bowl and portable charger are just a sample of how the charging station can be designed to fit your life.


Watch Asaf Elssibony, co-founder and CTO of Humavox, demonstrate the actual working technology on the CES show floor!


We look forward to seeing what exciting new developments 2015 will bring to connected devices. Click to learn more about Humavox’s wireless charging technology.