Can Wireless Charging Make the World Healthier?

July 30th, 2014

Wireless Charging and Sustainability

How can (and will) wireless charging technologies make our life easier and more environmentally-friendly?

The ever-growing industrial areas throughout the world, the damages of human involvement in nature through factories, air pollution and waste have all created the need for a greener and more sustainable environment. Addressing the battery subject in today’s mobile era, wireless charging technologies can make a difference.

If you ever had your battery running out like mad, you know how it feels to look for an electrical plug in order to stay connected. Or maybe you belong to the “disposable battery” camp, whatever suits for you. Either way, prepare yourself for a change in perspective.

Wireless Charging for Healthier and Economical Living

The letdown of rechargeable battery usage targeted, inter alia, to keep trash out of the trash piles, has added more obstacles on the way to greener power flow. Billions of battery chargers were tossed away creating over 100,000 tons of trash every year. These electronic devices emit toxins like lead and mercury that eventually harm us. This harmful situation is about to change.

Thousands of tons of charging cords and disposable batteries will disappear from this world forever

Meet the wireless charging technology that will turn the table on all charging methods and will contribute significantly to a healthier living. New and improved technologies provide a simple way to charge wirelessly, spend less money because you no longer need to buy charging cords or batteries – you just charge you phone over and over again in the device (you purchased once) and that’s it. As a result, thousands of tons of charging cords and disposable batteries will disappear from this world forever.

Smartphone Cable
That refers to small mobile devices. Extending this form of charging to way bigger devices such as electric buses, that is a world changing. Experts claim that wireless charging of cars and public transportation will be cost-effective and green at the same time. Wireless charging technology will save millions of dollars on gasoline, and decrease air pollution level significantly in the coming years. According to experiments conducted in this field, wireless charging is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 270 tons each year and is expected to grow up to 680 tons a year in one country only. Imagine the effect of ten other countries operating the same method.

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